Hit The Road-How To Achieve Your Travel Goals

We all have two kinds of goals – the big goals and the little goals.  The big goals are things like, “I’d like to run in a marathon” or “I’d like to be rich.”   The small goals are more concrete and often include steps to reach the big goals. Things like, “I’m going to try […]

About Larry Lourcey

Plano portrait artist, Larry Lourcey, holds the designation of Master Photographer awarded by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) in 2007.  Several of Larry’s images have been selected for the prestigious PPA Loan Collection, including an image displayed at Imaging Asia in 2005. While Lourcey is most recognized for his black and white photography, the breadth of his work includes vibrant photo paintings, Polaroid transfers, and photographic collages.  He derives his inspiration from master painters like John Singer Sargent and Edgar Degas, while embracing the bold styles of more modern greats; such as Pino Daeni. In his free time, Larry enjoys trying to find free time. Follow him on Twitter as @larryphoto