3 Reasons Why You Have Been Using the Law of Attraction the Wrong Way and How to Fix it

Does the law of attraction work? I hope you’ve never asked that question, because it would be the same thing as asking if the law of gravity works.  If you’ve ever seen someone jumping off of a cliff and falling to the ground, even if you’ve never jumped off of a cliff yourself, you are […]

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Sylviane Nuccio is a freelance writer, a blogger and life coach, teaching people how to use the law of attraction to their own advantage and understand how their subconscious mind works. She is the creator of


How to Win the Lottery (or at Least Increase Your Odds)

Do your goals sometimes seem so unattainable that they are tantamount to winning the Lottery? Do you get so discouraged, some days, that you honestly think it would be more likely to win the Lottery than to make your dreams a reality? Well, fear not – I can help you better your chances in both […]

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Holly Jahangiri lives in Texas and claims to channel the spirits of Edgar Allan Poe, O. Henry and Erma Bombeck. She has known since fifth grade that she wanted to be a professional writer. Holly is a technical communicator whose imagination is allowed free rein in her short stories, children's books, and poetry. You can visit her personal blog, "It's All a Matter of Perspective," at