Little Mountain, Big Mystery: Bob Sanchez Talks About Writing and His Next Goal

Detective Sam Long, Lowell, Massachusetts police officer, has worked hard to put his tormented past behind him and fit in with his American colleagues. But when a murder in Lowell’s Asian community brings back visions of the Killing Fields, Sambath Long, Cambodian refugee and naturalized U.S. citizen, upholds the law he has sworn to enforce, […]


Tale Of A Tired Jogger (Part 3)

tired jogger portrait

My Quest For The 5K If you have been following along with The Next Goal, you might remember my post about wanting to run in a 5k.  I’ve never been a big fan of running, but it seemed like a cool goal to set for myself.  After all, we are big on people reaching their […]


Final Review-6 Key Lessons I Learnt On ‘Surviving The Blog Contest’

the power of silence

Blessings dear friends, thanks for visiting our site and reading my posts. I truly appreciate your love and support. This is the last post I am writing for the Surviving The Blog Contest organised by Kiesha Easley of WeblogBetter. I am using this post to pause, reflect and Give Thanks. It has been an awesome […]


To Lose Weight, Lay Off the Endocannabinoids!

‘tis the season… of dietary regret. You might as well sign up with SparkPeople now (it’s free), because it’ll be good to have your program set up and your best-laid plans in place before the holidays. I’m not suggesting you avoid the Christmas cookies and the office parties and the booze – au contraire. If […]


Family Yoga-3 Breathing Exercises To Overcome Stress On Christmas Day

Roarrrrrr like a lion in the Lion Roar

Happy Christmas! Thank you for visiting our site. Have a Happy Day! Remember to sign up to my email list and share this post to help me win this week’s blog challenge. Thank you. Christmas is just around the corner and if you are like most people, the run up to Christmas Day is filled […]


Christmas Day-A Day For Happy Families Or War?

ahhhh...that was nice

Hi there! Welcome to our website. Thanks for visiting and have a great day. What are your thoughts about Christmas? Do you look forward to it and relish the opportunity to spend more time with your family and get a few days away from work? Or are you one of those people who can’t stand […]


Overcoming Blogger’s Block

Odds are, blogging isn’t your day job – yet. And unless you’re independently wealthy, you won’t be quitting your day job any time soon. Blogging, for most of us, is either a personal journal, a creative outlet, a bully pulpit, or a dynamic, rich-media enhanced advertising platform for a non-blog-related business. Even for writers who […]


Yoga For Bloggers – Simple Self Massage To Ease A Sore Neck And Stiff Shoulders

ahhh...ease the knots in your shoulders

Welcome to another post in a series of yoga for bloggers posts. Thanks for visiting our website! In previous posts we looked at a simple yoga sequence to release neck pain and ease lower back pain. Slightly different angle today as we are going to practice a simple neck and shoulder self – massage to […]


Women Entrepreneurs – Words of Encouragement To Cheer You Up

Keep on Going...

Blessings Gentle Reader and welcome to today’s post. We trust you are well and thanks for visiting our site! Have a great day. “I believe in you and know you have within you the power to transcend everything and make your dreams come true” Today’s post is aimed specifically at women who are small business […]


Being Human: Key to Business Success in Social Media

It must be something in the air. On Sunday, I was reading Melanie Kissell’s very honest and sensible post, “Not Afraid To Say I Disagree With Social Media Experts,” over on, and I wanted to give her a high five. How disingenuous of any business to pretend that they are engaging in social media […]