It All Depends On How You Look At It


The Boys Of Summer When you have teenage boys who love sports, you better get ready for the great outdoors. Much of my spring and summer is spent sitting in the heat watching baseball tournaments. If you aren’t sitting at a game, you are driving to one – or driving home from one. Its tons […]


Why Should I Forgive Myself?

I looked up at the clock. It was 3:02 AM. “How did it get so late?” I muttered. “You really should get to bed.” Startled, I look up. I thought I was sitting at my desk all alone, but someone else was in the room with me. “Where did you come from?” I asked. The […]


5 Secrets To Growing Your Business

steps to success

Blessings and welcome dear friend to our site. Thanks for visiting and I trust you are well. Feel free to browse around and enjoy the inspirational posts on offer. Thank you. Yesterday my best friend, Marcia, gave me a shock. We were chatting about work and out of the blue Marcia said she has “never […]


Don’t Manage Stress, Beat it!


Enough of relaxation and meditation and time management techniques for getting hold of your stress. Yes, believe it or not, this is a shrink talking. And behold, I have worked for a stress clinic for over a year and I could see the displeasure on the patient’s face when we talked about beating stress. Yes, […]


Yoga For The Lazy


When I competed in last year’s “Surviving The Blog” challenge, I had the pleasure of working with Ntathu Allen, a London-based yoga teacher.   In case you haven’t noticed, yoga is more popular these days than it has ever been- so I decided to give it a go. The biggest obstacle most people face when starting […]


Goals and Engagement: Interview with Brian Belfitt, Founder of Blog Engage

Brian Belfitt’s a busy man – busy building a thriving community of bloggers known as Blog Engage. It took me nearly three and a half months to convince him to take a short break and chat with me about his goals, his vision, and the site he has so passionately built from the ground up. […]


The 7 Links Challenge – A Trip Down Memory Lane

This post is my contribution to the 7 links blog challenge organised by Katie Tripbase. The torch was passed onto me via Ileane Smith. What Is The 7 Links Challenge? The purpose of the 7 link challenge is to: “To unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavour to share lessons learned […]


3 Reasons Why You Have Been Using the Law of Attraction the Wrong Way and How to Fix it

The law of attraction

Does the law of attraction work? I hope you’ve never asked that question, because it would be the same thing as asking if the law of gravity works.  If you’ve ever seen someone jumping off of a cliff and falling to the ground, even if you’ve never jumped off of a cliff yourself, you are […]


Ironic, Isn’t It? Letting Go of the Clean Slate Mentality

You might think that a blog devoted to goal-setting and success would be full of articles on 2012 New Year’s Resolutions during the first week of the new year – and yet, here we are, strangely silent. The team has been taking an extended – if well deserved – holiday break! Goals and resolutions can […]


Mr & Mrs Average- Do You Still Dream?

Try Something Different

Dear Gentle Reader, with the end of 2011 approaching, this ode is dedicated to you if you fear change. If you fear change Stick to what you know, follow the crowd and blend in with the men in grey. Do not take any risks Stick to the tried and tested route, the safe path The […]