Don’t Manage Stress, Beat it!

Enough of relaxation and meditation and time management techniques for getting hold of your stress. Yes, believe it or not, this is a shrink talking. And behold, I have worked for a stress clinic for over a year and I could see the displeasure on the patient’s face when we talked about beating stress. Yes, seems like they have been there, done that, and though all those age old techniques do work, they lack novelty.

Stress has been talked about way too often and way too much. But when it comes to beating the pulp out of it, who says it has to be boring? Like one of my patients said “It should be named – beating stress, inviting boredom.” So, here’s a free session with the stress shrink but with a newer twist.

Don’t just beat the crap out of stress, have fun while doing it!

  • Go have cocktails with the girls / guys

Company makes things better. And not just the Facebook crowd where people just like your picture and drop a comment, we are talking about real company. People actually telling you that you look fantastic and that they are jealous! Call your friends, go out for cocktails or coffee or whatever suits you just fine and come back with the biggest grin and the loveliest of memories.

  • Music and Dance

No one hates music. At least no one has admitted it out loud. Listen to it. Dance to it. If you think you are a terrible dancer, don’t worry; you aren’t dancing for the X factor auditions. Just unwind. Loosen your body, shake it around, do the weirdest steps you want to and be your own choreographer. Once the muscles loosen, the mind relaxes. You will not only feel better and lighter, you just had the best uninhibited dance!

  • Bath, Body and Beyond

Yes, cheesy but works like a charm. Drop sea salts into a warm bath and soak yourself in it! Not only does it cleanse the body, it refreshes the mind. And a warm bath can never do any body wrong. Make sure your phone is on the silent mode and is buried somewhere dark and deep before you even start this.

  • Sweat it out!

Anger, stress, sluggishness or any negative emotions – the common “almost cure” to all this remains sweat. Yes, sweating is said to be emotionally cathartic! Go to gym, jog your lungs out (almost), go run on the beach, swim till you sweat (try that!), take your dog for a run or just go treat yourself to a nice sauna. But have those sweat glands activated.

  • Charlie Chaplin

Or humor in general! Rent comedies and watch them back to back. A bag of popcorn to go along won’t hurt. Sounds clichéd but one can actually laugh their worries away, or at least work on doing that. P.S. Tom & Jerry work just as fine!

Now, what works and what doesn’t s totally on how willing are you to actually let go. Stress is stressful, so why not just find better ways to shoo it away!
So, tell us what works for you?

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About Hajra Khatoon

Hajra loves writing and blogging is something she just got addicted to and now can't seem to let go! She has a personal blog at Hajra Kvetches. In her blog she just seems to be complaining about life and is fighting right back! Also she is a freelance content writer at Rockying Follow her around on twitter Hajraks and see what she's up to!


  1. Cocktails are always nice. But sometimes I decide to take it out on an IRS agent that is not treating my client fairly.
    Jeffrey W. Schultz recently posted..Accounting and Tax Planning Saves A BusinessMy Profile

  2. Nice post.Great article.I will definitely try to include all the techniques in my life.
    Thanks for sharing.Keep going.

  3. Thanks for the tips. They are very useful in managing my stress.
    Thanks author.
    Good work author
    Sathish recently posted..No Scholarship For MTU StudentsMy Profile

  4. Thanks for the tips. They are very useful in managing my stress.
    Thanks author.
    Good work
    Sathish recently posted..No Scholarship For MTU StudentsMy Profile

  5. Love these tips. Personally, most of the time when I’m stressed I just listen to music, it never fails.
    Abu Bah recently posted..By: Time to Trade Junk Cars for Cash in NJMy Profile

  6. I so love your tips. Yes, shaking stress away doesn’t have to be boring. When stress hit me, I always go for a run, watch comedy and go to spa.
    Reese recently posted..Youth PotionsMy Profile

  7. Thank you for this personal and painfully true post. I am managing my stress and anxiety with meditation, and spending more times outdoors – green meditation, as I call it. It truly does wonders for me! For the anxiety, I learned an excellent breathing technique from my yoga instructor. When I feel the first signs of anxiety and upcoming panic, I simply close my eyes, imagine that I am at a beautiful and peaceful beach and breathe deeply – it really helps!
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  8. I completely agree that you need to balance life and fun. If you are going to work hard and be stressed you need to also work hard, have fun, and relieve stress. One way I keep my body healthy is by eating high protein meal plans to keep my muscle mass on. Great Article!
    Johnny Brown recently posted..Workout of the Day (WOD) 5/10My Profile

  9. Yossi Almeida

    It was so over the baikd ari we should shy away from reality

    By. obat liver tradisional

  10. Exercise and and eating a healthy diet is key to stress relief. Kava tea which is sold in many grocery stores helps me to sleep and relax.
    shane palus recently posted..5 Ways to easily go rawMy Profile

  11. Many thanks for a good post! I will try to apply these techniques in life.

  12. Relaxation is the best way to handle stress..
    Hardware recently posted..Slider3My Profile

  13. @Jane: thats good but its tough to not get stressed in the first place. sometimes you just cant help it.

  14. For me, it works better to take it easy and not stress out in the first place. When the stress comes, it’s already too late.
    Jane recently posted..SonomaMy Profile

  15. spot on Hajra — U missed sex though — he he — jokes apart — good tips — at the end of the day FUN is the way to go — and if you use FUN all the time you don’t need to ‘destress’ because u having fun and not stressed – darn — cool! Thks heaps
    David recently posted..Productive Network Marketing And The Value Of TeamworkMy Profile

  16. Stress exists when we feel that everything seems to become too much. And this is one of my problems because of my work. I’m trying to finish all my stuffs before going home and it really makes me sick.

    Thank you for configuring it out.Hope you can do more blogs about stress and how we can overcome stress.

  17. I do Yoga and meditation to manage stress in my busy soothes and relaxes me

  18. i like your list…decompressing is such a big thing to do especially on a hectic day..the gym or a bit a massage does it for me

  19. Thanks for sharing. I can now manage my stress, my emotion, and everything happening around me. This one also help me manage it /

    Thanks and God Bless!

  20. I agree to the ways you have mentioned for stress relief. It is very important to take some time off for yourself to relax no matter how busy or tight your schedule is! When i am too stressed out i just leave everything as it is and close my eyes and just sit there for a while in complete stillness. That really helps for the moment! and then i just listen to a song or talk to someone or watch some video and then start work again. Its like if you are a working robot you need to have your refresh button pressed once in a while..Cheers!
    LondonTaxi recently posted..Mercedes Vito TaxisMy Profile

  21. I found my self do love dancing, that’s the reason why I decided to a fitness dancing class for a healthier way of enjoying dancing…
    Brien recently posted..Pictures in MiamiMy Profile

  22. Some one told me not that long ago if something is bothering you to sit in it. It took me a while to realize they were not totally nuts. When you have a problem or something is getting to you sit and let it run through your system till you become comfortable with it. …
    joel recently posted..Original rice krispies treat recipeMy Profile

  23. Stress is, indeed, a killer. It’s amazing how many people allow themselves to remain in a stressed-out condition for YEARS, and then wonder why they are ill

  24. Mikaela says:

    Their is a saying it you cant beat them join them. We need to manage properly our stress to prevent such illness.
    Mikaela recently posted..Chinese medicine Los AngelesMy Profile

  25. Relaxation is the best way to handle stress. Your body needs a cooling off period. Go out and find something fun to do.

  26. I’ve always found exercise to be the best way to beat stress. I use to do Yoga, but now it’s a run or a few minutes on the heavy bag and my mind is at ease.
    Mike recently posted..Identifying Fake SilverMy Profile

  27. Hi Hajra,
    You might not believe that I feel very light and relax after walking. Walking really works for me although it is not good enough to produce enough sweat 🙂 but it works for me to reduce stress.
    Pete Goumas recently posted..About NutriSystem Coupon & ReviewMy Profile

    • Many people have actually debated that walking is the best form of exercise and I would agree. Though it isn’t the best when you are trying weight loss and the likes but nothing beats a good walk everyday.

      Also walking opens a lot of perspectives – you learn, you observe and seeing nature you just feel like letting all the crappy thoughts go and it works!
      Hajra recently posted..Better with the lights switched off!My Profile

  28. Strange as it may seem… when I get stressed, I sometimes work — on doing a 3d image or some other artistic outlet. Doing something creative can be very relaxing and enjoyable, especially if you turn yourself over completely to the artistic experience and let go of judgments (at least until you’ve completed the work).

    Thanks for sharing these great tips!
    Grady Pruitt recently posted..How To Set Goals For YourselfMy Profile

  29. Nice Post. Being in the blogging field, we have to take care of health as well. Keep up the good work 🙂 🙂
    Harneet recently posted..Install Windows by Flash DriveMy Profile

  30. I do the fourth point extremely well because I exercise until I’m extremely exhausted every day. I make it my priority to go to the gym every day, no matter what. Also, I’m trying to gain more muscle, so I spend a lot of time lifting weights.
    Kevin Martin recently posted..5 Practical Tips for Being the Best YouMy Profile

  31. I make sure to go out with my friends whenever I feel stressed out. We take a lot of pictures together, we talk and laugh a lot. Catching up with friends over some coffee is just happiness. It makes my feeling lighter and much better. Great tips. 🙂 Thanks!
    Kendal recently of v2 cigsMy Profile

  32. thank you for sharing this with us it is very useful, i have just started a new job and it is very stressful and it is hard to deal with it, so hopefully this will help me. Thank you.
    Andrew recently posted..Two-thirds of Online Shoppers have Tried Live ChatMy Profile

  33. I’ve been doing workout before going to work, one way of preparing myself for the whole day stress. After a long week I always go to the bar with my friends and meet new set of people, in short party! It’s pretty effective eliminating stress for me.

  34. Hi Hajra,
    My days are very busy and I cant get time to have cocktails with the girls / guys on weekdays but I manage time on weekends at it really works.I also manage time for gym on daily basis, it makes me feel fresh and rejuvenate.
    waterpearls recently posted..Webhosting PlansMy Profile

    • Recently even I have started going to the gym on an everyday basis and yes, the workouts are definitely helping me in feeling better, everyday.

      Work makes it a little difficult to be out with friends everyday but weekends are a great time to play catch up!
      Hajra recently posted..Better with the lights switched off!My Profile

  35. Hi Hajra,
    I agreed with your points.Whenever I am stressed I go on long walk, the sweats come out and I really find it helpful.
    Pete Goumas recently posted..Pharmapacks Coupon & ReviewMy Profile

  36. Whenever I feel stressed, I go see some people whose positivism and energy is too contagious to resist. I also go shoot some hoops or play indoor soccer with friends.
    Lora recently posted..songbooks for pianoMy Profile

    • Hey Lora,

      Having the right people around is always helpful in a lot of ways. Games or any activity that has the endorphin all pumping out is good especially during stressful times.

      Surrounding ourselves with people who are full of positive vibes is one place where we go wrong. We need to be sure that once we have “good” people around us, the tension itself wears off!

      Thanks for stopping by Lora! 🙂
      Hajra recently posted..Better with the lights switched off!My Profile

  37. I’ll be showing this blog to my girlfriend. She’s just started a new job and is pretty anxious and stressed out over it. Thanks.
    Gareth Morgan recently posted..10 Tips For An Internet Marketing NewbieMy Profile

  38. Really great post you share with us. Its very helpful for me. thank you so much for sharing this post.
    abhinav recently posted..Aiseesoft Total Video ConverterMy Profile

  39. Charmaine says:

    There are ways for stress management. Taking stress pills might help but a natural way of getting out of stress is the best way to managing stress. Stress can lead to depression and depression will be the second cause of death by year 2020. We versus the environment promotes stress like ourselves on a certain people like our family or friends. Relationship may be stressful when relationship become stale. Relationship with others can also be stressful when there is not too much understanding.
    Charmaine recently posted..LivegadgetzMy Profile

    • Hey Charmaine,

      Those statistics might be true; what I felt worth suggesting was stress busting techniques that help when the stress is relatively moderate and under control. I feel once you attack the stress right there; things might not complicate.

      Relationships might be stressful; but we need to understand that if relationship causes stress that is painful; then it time to think over what is important and what isn’t.

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Hajra recently posted..Three times two times sevenMy Profile

  40. I really need this tips.. I really love your approaches.. keep posting some more incredible post like this.. 🙂 Be back for more!
    Luna recently posted..How To Get Pregnant VideoMy Profile

  41. Breathing, is my #1 tip for beating stress and just about anything else. Good to read about Charlie Chaplin-lots of happy memories watching C.C with my dad. Good post, thanks for sharing your ten tips.
    ntathu allen recently posted..Mr & Mrs Average- Do You Still Dream?My Profile

    • Hey!

      I am sure Charlie Chaplin would do the trick all by himself; but just in case! 🙂

      Deep breathing did help me a lot too; especially when I am stressed due to anger. Has that got a connection somehow?

      I wouldn’t know, but yes it helps!
      Hajra recently posted..26 years… 26 lessons.My Profile

  42. Your “Bath, Body and Beyond” suggestion is definitely geared towards the female crowd. I don’t see many men doing that…
    Wayne – Teen Crafts recently posted..Cottontail Confidential – Make Easter Bunny Ears, Egg Rock, ChickMy Profile

  43. I totally agree with everything you mentioned in this post. So if it not endorphins who can lift my spirits up, I try music and some of the most ridiculous comedy movies.
    Sherryn recently free guitar softwareMy Profile

    • Thanks so much Sherryn,

      Ridiculous comedy movies make the world such a beautiful place! Just yesterday I watched three mindless Bollywood movies just for the fun of it! Aren’t they entertaining?
      Hajra recently posted..Write the Stress AwayMy Profile

  44. Hi Hajra! I was delighted to read this post. I’m so stressed with work lately and I’ve told myself a million times that I need a break but still, I don’t want to leave my responsibilities behind. Thanks for these tips. Usually, I go to massage spas to pamper and myself and it makes me feel so much better.

    • Hey Jian,

      I am glad I could be useful through this! We all get that feelings; guilty of being inattentive or irresponsible when we feel like taking a break and too stressed so actually needing it!

      But finding the balance is the key; if you take an hour out of the whole day just for yourself then it isn’t leaving responsibilities. Imagine falling sick of the extreme stress and then actually having to leave work for a couple of days!
      Hajra recently posted..Write the Stress AwayMy Profile

  45. Listening music and smiling is great way too deal with Stress.I agree with your point specially you target my favorite character Charlie in your post.
    Rizwan Sultan recently posted..IBS and StressMy Profile

  46. Hi Hajra,

    I couldn’t agree more! Those tips are essential for beating stress! I’ve used all of them and they are all extremely effective! We need to take care of ourselves on all levels or we are useless to both ourselves and others.

    Stacy recently posted..Why I Went Back to Akismet and Love ItMy Profile

  47. Nothing is more relaxing than listening to good music. The music reminds you of good situations, and keeps you away from negative thoughts. Music is better than yoga. Great article

  48. Lately, I am super stressed that i can’t able to manage it. What I do to beat it is to go the a physical therapist then get a cool massage until I am stress free. I need it sometimes. Well, i should have to think more activities to shift my mind.

  49. Since I work at a liquor store, when things get really stressed, we use it as an excuse to try new products. We have dedicated salespeople on the floor, and everyone is expected to have a basic grasp of what we have in the store, so these are great times to blow off steam, build teamwork, and also learn about the job.

  50. In our office, we have nerf guns for every employee, so on particularly stressful days, a full scale dart-war breaks out in the office. Because of the open environment, noone is safe from being shot, not even the bosses!

  51. Thanks! Is there anything specific you do to beat stress?
    Hajra recently posted..Will they call you over for a Bloggers Party?My Profile

  52. Nice post Hajra 🙂

  53. Really good information that you are sharing here Hajra! Stress can really beat you down and at times, even the cause of being sick. I am going through a stressful time right now, but I know that my daily exercise routine has been so very helpful to keep me sane. The other thing I know I need to do, is to stick to a healthy diet. It certainly has helped to get me through and take each day as a positive experience.

    Thank you for your wonderful reminders Hajra!
    Lynn Brown recently posted..Social Media Marketers Beware Of Time Consuming TrapsMy Profile

    • Hey Lynn,

      Thanks so much! When you wrote yesterday how you had to miss a posting day and that was very surprising for me. You always make it a point to post on time. Yes, sometimes life just has too much in store for us and we have to find ways to deal with it. I find a daily workout to be very relaxing. Healthy diet is something I miss out on many days; I have to be particular about that.

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Hajra recently posted..Will they call you over for a Bloggers Party?My Profile

  54. Great ideas Hajra! It’s easy to forget that we need to get back into being human after a day of going out into the world and trying to make things happen. Music and comedy work for me, turn up the good tunes and put on some Dave Chappelle. Thanks once again for the insightful post.
    Carlo St. Juste Jr., L.Ac recently posted..Ways to Improve the Mind Body ConnectionMy Profile

  55. I usually go for a run to get rid of the stress. I also find that getting a massage helps. Nice post, Hajra!

  56. I Needed this post today
    thank you so much

  57. Really your post is are right i m agree with you thanks for it sharing.
    abhinav recently posted..25 Free Computer Icons SetsMy Profile

  58. When the expert says to beat it, we need to listen. But where would you be career wise as stress is one of the major things your clientele need treatment for. At least it was the only thing I ever saw a pro for
    Roberta Budvietas recently posted..A Professional Attitude counts more than the PositionMy Profile

  59. Hey Hajra,

    I just popped over here to see what Holly was up to with her inheritance, here you are!

    Stress is a real poison for the body and for the soul ? when accumulated in abnormal amount, of course.
    I know some people who’s health has been affected very badly by stress. So, methods to
    relieve it are all good in my book.

    It’s true that music and dancing can relieve stress and so is exercise, walking, bicycling and swimming.
    Body movement surely relieves stress.

    Thanks you for this great post Hajra 🙂
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted..Letting Go Of Negative Emotions – Easier Said Than Done?My Profile

    • Hey Sylviane,

      I had promised this guest post to Holly like months back (if not longer!) 😉 I just had to do it! You will be the next victim! 🙂

      Stress in less amounts can be easily done away with. Though I can go on and on about this topic; Holly and I thought why not focus on the fun way of dealing with it. So, I tried my best to beat the stress out as easily and in as much fun as we can!

      I still have to learn swimming! Yes, as a kid I was afraid of water so never got around to learning how to swim; but now I am hoping I do some day! Is there anything specific that works for you?
      Hajra recently posted..Will they call you over for a Bloggers Party?My Profile

  60. All great tips, and if I can I do them all at one time – minus the bath of course because that would be weird.

    It can be hard to get up and get moving when you are feeling overwhelmed, but the payoff is absolutely awesome!
    Bellaisa recently posted..4 Steps To Stop Dating RejectionMy Profile

    • Hey Bellaisa,

      If we could do just them once every two or three days that would do wonders. Yes, the luxury bath is best done once a week I feel. Requires too much time and gets addictive after some time! 🙂

      Getting to get moving can be tough for many. And yes, it was for me too. But then I combine it with many things to make it fun – go to the gym with a friends, go jogging with a group, trying out yoga with a trainer or just doing anything with company. Once you get talking; you really don’t bother how fast you are running I feel!

      Do you think works best out of them?
      Hajra recently posted..Will they call you over for a Bloggers Party?My Profile

  61. Haha, nice! Looks fun 🙂

    Thanks for the inspirational blog.
    Mike Hoang
    Inspirational Blog recently posted..What did I Learn about Leadership From a Crazy Dancing Guy?My Profile

  62. I have found that my stress levels have fallen dramatically since I started walking more, and hitting the weights a few times per week. These days I am too tired and sore to be stressed.
    Lyndon recently posted..My Simple Beginner Weight Lifting Routine – Back to BasicsMy Profile

  63. Hajra,

    You never hear of anyone telling you to go drink the stress away but you did. I know, it’s not “get drunk” but more like go unwind with friends, laugh and have a simple conversation. I do this often, I shoot for at least once a week. But there are those rare times where I do feel like going out for a beer with buddies and I do that also.

    These are awesome tips and I do all of them.

    Allie recently posted..Blogging Success: Failure Is SuccessMy Profile

  64. Ah, we beat it out like a rug! I have always found that physical exercise is perfect to destroy the feelings of stress. Whether it’s the endorphin release or the knowledge that action is being taken (even if not directly related to the cause) or the sheer physicality of motion- I DON’T CARE!
    And, that’s why for years (when my kids were little and home), I would always go for a swim in the AM and on the way home. That way I addressed my staff and my family free of external pressures and tried to insure the day would be great.
    Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A. recently posted..Folate Adjuvant to AntidepressantsMy Profile

    • Hey Roy,

      Swimming is one thing I didn’t learn! Yes, I was scared of the water as a kid and having the bath was a task every day for mum so putting me in the pool was a challenge they gave up on somehow. Physical exercise that gets you all worked up works like a charm. After reading your posts on working out and health benefits; I actually took to jogging every day! Yes, when I am angry, I do uphill! 😉

      It is the endorphin release and also combined with the fact that you are so tired that you can’t think of anything else!

      I have a swimming trainer just next door; I think I go jump in the water! I am not sure about AM though!
      Hajra recently posted..Will they call you over for a Bloggers Party?My Profile

    • Roy,

      Isn’t that the truth! My son is 13 and just seems like a ball of energy sometimes. But he releases it on his sister in the form of teasing her. I have to tell him to go run around outside.

      When it is football season and he plays the house is so much more quiet.

      I also noticed when I work out I feel more relaxed and ready for the day.

      Allie recently posted..Blogging Success: Failure Is SuccessMy Profile

  65. Hey Holly,

    Thanks for letting me do this! I need that warm bath terribly quick! The cold still isn’t going and I can’t be in a better position to follow each of these! 🙂
    Hajra recently posted..Will they call you over for a Bloggers Party?My Profile

  66. Let me go for a workout. Then I’ll have a warm bath. And will go to have a look if any girl is ready to have cocktail with me. 🙂

    Really very nice post, Hajra!
    Abhi Balani recently posted..Good Blogger And A Good Blog: What Are The Signs?My Profile