What Do Rafael Nadal, Kimi Raikkonen, and LA Lakers Have In Common?

Yes, you read it right. Rafael Nadal, Kimi Raikkonen, and the LA Lakers have something in common, something that came up to haunt them recently. This is the same thing that haunts us every day. I will give you a few hints*:

Rafael Nadal admits he has struggled to find the motivation to drag his weary body through the final weeks of a grueling campaign.

The Los Angeles Lakers were brutally swept by the Dallas Mavericks in the 2011 NBA PlayoffsThey lacked motivationoffensive and defensive intensity.

Kimi Raikkonen has brushed aside concerns about his motivation after agreeing to return to Formula One with Lotus Renault next season.

Figured it out yet?

Lack of motivation is a deal breaker. It stops us from being productive, achieving our goals and being happy. We have all suffered from it at some point in our lives. Common sense dictates that as long as we like what we do, we will feel motivated. This is correct.

But what can you do when the motivation breaks down? Here are a few tips to brighten up your day and feel motivated again:

1)    Redefine and Reassess your Goal:

Maybe you are losing perspective of the goal.

Quite often, when we get closer to our destination, we get confused, and give up. Some of the people I have met were so scared of their own success, they just couldn’t continue. You need to redefine what your goals mean to you – the cost of getting them, and the cost of not getting them.

Visualization such as this will put things into perspective, allowing you to look at the big picture. This will result in confidence and a born-again attitude that will light up your way to success.

2)    Remove Clutter:

My desk – right at this point – is almost empty. My laptop and a couple of books take up some small space. But mostly, it is clutter free. A clutter free environment = clutter free mind.

If your workstation is full of things that you hardly use, I would suggest clearing it up right away.

3)    Create a List:

Lack of motivation is often born out of confusion about the next step. So pull out a pen and paper, and make a list. I would recommend writing everything down instead of typing – at least for me written messages sink in deeper. As you go through the day, cross off all items that have been completed. You will be surprised by how good doing this feels.

Remember to keep the momentum going – it can be the make or break factor in your endeavor for success.

4)    Prepare a Vision Board:

This, I believe, is the most undervalued strategy for gaining motivation. A vision board is your dream board, encompassing images and words that define your dream. Whether that is a big house, a check for $1million or your own business; just put some pictures on the board and look at them every day. Keep reminding yourself of all the reasons that make you want to succeed.

(I cannot find name of the celebrity, but) He used to carry $1m check (fake/not cash-able) in his wallet, as that reminded him of his goals. When he earned his first million, he just put an extra zero on the check and still carried it around. Today, this guy is a billionaire. This is the power of vision boards.

5)    Just Give it 15 More Minutes:

This is a simple technique that can greatly increase your productivity and as a result – motivation. If you feel that your energy and concentration are failing you, just decide to work for 15 more minutes. 15 minutes is nearly hundredth part of your day. So little.

If you can dedicate this small time to your task at hand, you will be surprised how far you get. You might even forget the 15-minute rule and continue to keep working! All depends on the moment – so don’t let the moment pass.

6)    Rely on Other People’s Success:

People have a big impact on our life – whether we want to or not. It is for us to channelize this impact into something positive. Lack of motivation is endemic in cases where we don’t have an idol. I too have that problem.

Instead, I tend to refocus on the virtues that I expect from my idols. You could either do the same, or read about those that inspire you.

If you have the right mentality, other people’s success can motivate you to succeed.

7)    Take Action

Now for some tough love – take action. The biggest problem with self-help material is that people read too much, and implement too little. Ideally, you should spend 20% of your time reading these things, and 80% actually implementing them.

So before you go back to your drawing board, leave a comment and tell us what habits you could change to feel more motivated.


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*The news items have been taken from various sources
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About Neeraj Sachdeva

Neeraj is a life-geek, who enjoys talking about Psychology and Freelancing. His freelancing endeavor focuses on kick-starting start-ups and small businesses by using practical and timely experience. In his free time, he helps budding freelancers, and you can read about his journey on The Freelancer Diary.

About Neeraj Sachdeva

Neeraj is a life-geek, who enjoys talking about Psychology and Freelancing. His freelancing endeavor focuses on kick-starting start-ups and small businesses by using practical and timely experience. In his free time, he helps budding freelancers, and you can read about his journey on The Freelancer Diary.


  1. “When the ordinary seems not to work out, give it that little extra.” We often derail from our goals when we are closest to breakthrough. Some people get overwhelmed by what they try to achieve and so they stop. That’s why setting realistic goals is important.
    Sometimes, all I need to do is place myself in that future and my motivation comes back. We have our different ways of staying motivated, all we have to do is find it and use it.
    Lanre recently posted..You Create Your Future (Part 3)My Profile

  2. Neeraj. I look around and I see a lot of posts resembling these types of traits – that people must have. However, I’m commenting because I have yet to hear a comparison like this before (when it comes to these traits). I guess the only thing I can say is Thank You. Why? Your post brings a sense of reassurance to the matter. It helps. So I’m now going to follow your blog, closely, thank you again (:
    Jonathan Gaurano recently posted..Would You Want Hitler To Go To Heaven?My Profile

  3. I’m both entranced and delighted to hear you talking about achievement. It’s exactly what’s on my mind right now. If I could share a tip I picked up from Kevin Nations that’s demonstrated the power of implementation just as you’ve described, I’ve never been more profoundly focused, motivated, or productive than when I committed to a 4 month schedule, which I committed to a tiny whiteboard I now hardly glance at, I’m working so furiously fast to keep up with it. My plans have transformed phenomenally during the brief month I’ve been implementing, and I’ve never worked harder. Another example that demonstrates your point: John Reese’s “Reboot Your Brain” exercise at first seemed unnecessary and tedious, but I took his advice seriously and “brain dumped” onto a master to-do list containing hundreds of items. Not that I was a slouch before, but I have never felt more mentally liberated by a piece of paper. Such clarity. All my fears, hopes, and plans in one place. You can stand back and look the pieces and start assembling those items on the calendar months in advance. This may not make any sense, but I feel like I’m making forward progress in every direction simultaneously.
    Roger Abramson recently posted..Download the Viral Hit Formula HereMy Profile

  4. I love vision boards! Each time that I achieve something in it, I often write ‘DONE’ in big letters and the date. It can really give you that sense of fulfillment, especially when you see so many items crossed out, and seeing on how soon you’re able to accomplish them.

    Aside from what you mentioned, I think the people that we hang out and associate play a role on how motivated we become. They either help keep us motivated or help us lose motivation a lot faster.
    Adeline recently posted..Pampanga Lights Up with the Giant Lantern FestivalMy Profile

  5. Neeraj — when I was very young my father would tell his children – “always try for that extra 10%.” It’s like adding an extra 15 minutes of work to your day. I’ve kept my father’s comment top of mind many times when I was lacking in motivation. I also like the idea of a Vision Board — thanks for the tips!
    Jeannette Paladino recently posted..Are You Re-Tweeting Misinformation?My Profile

  6. clutter clearing makes such a massive difference on my productivity..when the piles of paper and different projects pile up I struggle to think creatively, so 15 minutes stint at a time/daily will make a difference.

  7. Even the champions feel lack of motivation in their activities, then you should not feel bad if you feel unable to accomplish something. But you can not ever give up.