Final Review-6 Key Lessons I Learnt On ‘Surviving The Blog Contest’

Blessings dear friends, thanks for visiting our site and reading my posts. I truly appreciate your love and support.

the power of silence

This is the last post I am writing for the Surviving The Blog Contest organised by Kiesha Easley of WeblogBetter. I am using this post to pause, reflect and Give Thanks.

It has been an awesome venture and I Give Thanks to Kiesha and all the judges and sponsors for stepping up and sharing their love, inspiration and guidance.

Can you believe it – I made the final!

Here’s How It All Started

Lesson#1-The Power Of The Headline And Comment Boxx

Sometimes in life you have to take a chance, trust and follow your instincts. Like most of you I get way too many emails. I recall going through one of my random email spring cleans and for some unknown reason rather than delete kiesha’s email (there was something about the title which sparked my interest) I thought ok…I will keep this one. So I clicked and read about this contest.

I remember thinking ‘umm…that sounds good I wouldn’t mind doing that’ and instantly dismissed the idea as my negative self talk set in ‘what do I know about blogging? and ‘look at all those entry requirements, when am I going to get the time to enter and beside I don’t even know how to add all those sponsors names and labels to my site..nice idea but not for you’.

Yet something drew me to return and leave a comment in response to Kiesha’s post. I think Kiesha must have ended the post with a question and I replied in the comment box. At that time I didn’t understand and appreciate the power of comments and of authors replying to comments made in your post. I think I wrote something like “sounds a good idea, might be interested in applying”. However, part of the entry requirements you had to write a blog and post about why weblogbetter should choose me. I thought what am I going to write about, and put the idea on the back burner.

A few days later, someone called Holly replied to my comment, she enquired whether I had entered and gently chided me to get my act together and enter.

Lesson #2 I Believe In Fairies

I believe in angels and fairies and know when you are on purpose the universe sends prods and reminders and sometimes massive knocks on the head to get your act together and do what you are supposed to do. This was one of those times. So I gathered my inner resources, wrote my entry blog clicked submit and waited.

I remember there was a public vote and again those little gremlins in my head said …’you aint going to win. Give up now’. But I thought well, I could be selected. I may not have as much experience as the others but I could win. anything is possible. Long story short, as you can see I got enough votes and was selected and became a member of Team 2 aka TheNextGoal.Com. And the new stage in my life began.

Flash Back To January 2011

It’s strange. I recall early this year lying in bed flicking through my twitter stream.

This was in January and I was reading tweets about all the wonderful things people had done in 2010 and all their dreams and aspirations for 2011. I remember looking at the top ten yoga blogs for 2010 and thinking….’wow wouldn’t it be great if I could be in a league/highlight blog thing end of 2011? That would be awesome’

As you know spirit has a way of granting our prayers. At that time one person stood out for me in her consistency and regularity of posting Mavis Nong. I would read her tweets, click on her links and absorb her posts. Its strange looking back at how the way little steps I took over the course of this year has led to me being here, today in the final of this contest.

Lesson #3- The Power Of Silence

We Are Co-Creators In Our Future

Throughout the year I saw so many acts of faith and I have been blessed by many “minor synchronicities’ which at the time I just dismissed and later in meditation the fullness of the connection would hit me-so I am always in awe of the power of spirit. We are always guided. A while back I wrote a post the Power of Silence and today I had another opportunity to see the power of silence in motion.

As you know Holly and I are in the final. You can vote for me here:)

This morning I woke up panicking and thinking I have lost, there was no way I can beat Holly and every single ism and negative thought about my ability to succeed and grow as a person surfaced. It’s crazy how the gremlins can come when you least expect it…so rather than listen to my own advise and start my day in prayer and silence, I got into panic mode and started running crazy last-minute ‘how can I grab more support’ ideas in my head and tweeting and frantically thinking how can I use Facebook to get more votes and likes and people to come and comment on my posts. I was in panic mode, and even though I could sense the build up of stress in my body, I ignored it. I need votes. In yoga you are taught not to grasp and grab but to breathe and create space for goodness to follow yet that went out of the window as I thought who can I contact, what can I do to make up lost ground? I knew there was more I could do, yet at the same time, I was tired and stressing and mind on over drive. Which leads to

Lesson#4 I should have got a proper plan of action in place, a system to follow then I wouldn’t be stressing like this (always wise after the event)

As I sit here and write this I can laugh at how easy the mind takes over and throws you of centre. Yet again, in the midst of my maddens and hyper manic ‘oh what am I going to do mood’ I learnt another lesson (why do I have to go there to be reminded of these lessons.) – the power of a mentor and support.

Lesson #5-The Power Of Support

The value and necessity of having a mentor, someone who can take an balanced view of your situation, someone who has walked the path before you and can, from their experience and growth know where you at advise and support you.

I am blessed that over my life time I have sat of the feet of many wise teachers, including my parents and children. Earlier this year I signed up to Frederique Murphy’s “Elevate” Mentoring and Coaching Programme.

Mentoring is a big step for me, I know the power of personal and business coaching/mentoring, The love, care and attention I receive from Frederique particularly whilst in this challenge has been remarkable and reminds me that to grow you have to care about and invest in yourself.

Lesson#6 The Power Of Self Care And Boundaries

As you know I talk a lot about yoga and the need to balance and look after yourself. Well, the last few weeks I have drawn on my yogic teaching and philosophies to see me through. At times, as my girls will tell you, particularly since being in this contest, I have been on some crazy midnight burn the candle at both ends schedule. Just so that I could do the work to keep up with the challenge and fit in all the 1001things that goes with being a mum.

A while back, I made the decision that to grow my business I needed to set aside some proper time to work in business time. I have spent, most of the last five years as a free-lance yoga teacher and bodywork therapist rushing (lol) from one part of London to anther seeing clients and running classes. Yet that wasn’t an effective use of my time. I love what I do, but with the divorce proceedings eating at my soul I had to find a way to slow down, reclaim my space and breathe.

There was no way I could grow my business, care for my girls and look after myself on the schedule I was on. After all, like you, I dream of a life of ease, living life on my own terms. So, I made the decision to find a way to develop my writing skills with a view of eventually earning an income from “writing about yoga.” To help that, I needed space to grow and focus and allow that to happen. The way I was working there wasn’t space to allow anything in. So I set aside Monday Tuesday and Wednesday to focus on my business and teach yoga Thursday Friday and Saturday, part of this change also involved working locally and to cut back on my long distant travelling to see clients for an hour’s yoga lesson. As you know I have spent the last four yrs travelling to see private clients so in making that decision, my income was immediately affected…not a good move yet I knew in the long-term I had to make this sacrifice…I couldn’t focus and grow my business and make full use of the materials and learning received through mentoring if I was always on the road and tired.

Plus one of my reasons for resigning originally from the Probation Service was to “wave my girls off to school in the morning and be home when they go in from school” As my younger daughters (twins) are 18 and in their last year in school my time was running out. So, it was a case of now or never.

So, long story short, here I am here, sitting in silence, communicating with you, sharing my story, letting go and giving thanks. I have done my best and I give thanks to my fellow Team Froggie mates, Brandon Freund,, Larry Lourcey, Neeraj Sachdeva and of course Holly; and everyone for your love, votes, comments and good wishes and particularly my daughters, who have put up with some crabby behaviour yet continue to cheer me on, show me how to use my laptop and allow me to dabble my muse in Storytelling and guest posts on their blogs. I’d love to hear your thoughts on Why The Buffalo Is Blue and The Magical Eagle And The Lonely Boy

Next Step?

Next step for me, in my business growth is to focus on growing my sales funnel, learn how to make systematic use of social media to promote my work, leverage my time and energy and create more info products and Self Care courses, run workshops and automate my business. 2012 looks rosy.

I salute you all and give thanks for the journey
Be well and follow your heart

Final Call

There is still time to vote for me

And finally…

Share the love this Christmas. We are all connected, all here to heal, love and grow. So share the love and spread the positive vibes. Simply click the “like” facebook icon, “tweet” the twitter button, share the post on LinkedIn and +1 on Google.

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Thank you

Take special care and have a happy day

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About Ntathu Allen

Yoga Teacher, Blogger and mum to three bubbly teens, I aspire to support, educate and encourage busy mums and working women to weave moments of calm into their hectic schedule.

About Ntathu Allen

Yoga Teacher, Blogger and mum to three bubbly teens, I aspire to support, educate and encourage busy mums and working women to weave moments of calm into their hectic schedule.


  1. Nice article, THX…

  2. lesson 6 is my favorite…taking care of oneself enables u to take care of the ones you love
    mexican appetizers recently posted..A Simple Quesadilla RecipeMy Profile

  3. this is really wonderful Ntathu Allen…you should do another one

  4. Congrats on the success!

    Thanks for being an inspiration,
    Bucket List Blogger
    Inspirational Blog recently posted..Sorry!My Profile

  5. Ntathu- it was an honor competing against you! Looking forward to blogging together in 2012. I’ve even got a yoga post in the works!! 🙂
    Larry Lourcey recently posted..Never QuitMy Profile

  6. Congrats on winning and being a part of this awesome blog Ntathu!

    You and Holly surely do deserve it! I can so well relate to your story and journey- all the way here! I guess I would have done the very same, had I been in your place- as I did put aside the idea of entering the contest- just as you did!

    I guess that inner voice and instinct is what makes us take the big steps in life, and this is truly an example. Glad you entered and overcame all your fears and won as well!

    Thanks so much for sharing such wonderful tips with all of us, which is a learning lesson for everyone 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Why Should Charity Begin at HomeMy Profile

  7. Stephan Hilson says:

    It is nice to know that you used the post to reflect and give thanks. Congratulations for making it to the final of the blogging contest. Power of silence, support and self-care are really important factor to keep up with the challenges. Good luck on when you join your future contests.
    Stephan Hilson recently posted..Comparer les forfaits mobilesMy Profile

  8. come tomorrow I will be sleeping!..Yes I am looking forward to having a tranquil space at home.

  9. I’m neither angel nor fairy, just a mischievous elf – but I’m so glad I kicked you into high gear and got you to “get your act together” and get in the game! (That should be lesson #1 – get yourself out there on the playing field, or you really haven’t got a prayer of winning.) We were truly blessed in who Keisha chose to team us up with – you, Larry, Brandon, Neeraj, and I – we couldn’t have asked for a better team. Kudos to our extended team, as well – your girls, Larry’s wife, my husband and kids, Brandon’s wife – poor Neeraj, did he only have us? 🙂 Naaah, we all have some terrific friends and supporters out there giving it their all on our behalf, as well.

    Come tomorrow, we’ll all be playing on the same team again. One of us will be a little richer (till the bills are paid, right?) but the blog will be back in the care of all ten hands that have brought it into being, assuming we are all willing to return and take it to the heights it deserves. I know I am excited by the prospects, and happy we’ll all be working towards common goals again soon.

    Sounds like you’ve had some time to think about your own goals for your family and business. Do you have room to set up a yoga studio at home, so that your clients can travel to you? I’ve taken yoga lessons in teachers’ homes – never had teachers come to me! It doesn’t take much space, just a pleasant and tranquil space. Writers need that, too. Perhaps carving out such a space should be high on both of our goal lists for 2012.

    2012 is going to be a fantastic year, Ntathu – because we’ll make it one.
    Holly Jahangiri recently posted..It’s Going to Be Another Wild Week!My Profile


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