A Simple Relaxation Script by Ntathu Allen

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In a earlier post I introduced you to 3 yoga relaxation postures you can use to ease tension from your body and calm and quieted your mind. So, that you can feel healthier, fitter and have more energy to do the things you enjoy..

In today’s post I would like to offer you a simple scripted relaxation exercise you can do anytime you wish to completely switch off and relax.

My original intention was to create this script as a guided audio relaxation, however, those of you who know me, know me and technology do not agree; so whilst I am learning how to create audio, I thought I would share the script with you. Hopefully, soon I will be able to offer you this script as an audio.

Prepare For Relaxation

1. Ideally this simple relaxation script should be read in a slow soft voice. It is difficult to relax whilst reading this script, so in the absence of my voice, you could record the script yourself and play it back or ask a friend to read the script to you.

2. Make sure you can rest in a quiet space for 10-20 minutes undisturbed.

3. Make sure you are warm, maybe cover self with a light weight blanket.

4. Lie on your back, on a comfortable surface, feet flat on the floor, knees pointing up for the first few minutes of relaxation, then slowly straighten legs out along the floor

5. If you suffer from back ache, when you straighten your legs, place a rolled up blanket under your knees.

6. Make sure your chin is tucked in, arms a few inches from the side of your body, palms facing up, lower your shoulders, let your eyes close and keep your jaw soft.

Then when you are comfortable ask a friend or you can audio record this yourself, play and listen to this relaxation script.

Laying on your back, take a steady breath in and slowly breathe out; spend a few moments simply observing your everyday breath, breathe in through your nose … and slowly exhale…

Turn your attention to all the thoughts and sensations flowing through your mind…and relax…breathe… inhale…exhale..and become aware of your body…what is going on inside your body..


breathe and feel your breath flowing through your joints, your sacrum and all the way up your spine…inhale…exhale…inhale…exhale…

feel your body sink into the mat as you release tiredness and tension of the day…inhale…exhale…let the back of your head sink into the mat…relax your eyes…relax your ears…be aware of all sounds and sensations flowing through each ear drum…notice the way your right ear and then your left ear

relax…inhale…exhale…with the next breath, mentally trace the contours of the ears, connect with the inner ear and the outer ear…relax…relax…relax…become aware of your eyes…allow the eyes to float back into the eye sockets…notice the way your eyebrows frame the eyes…first the right eyebrow and now the left…as you breathe…exhale…be aware of your eyelashes and notice how the upper eyelashes merge and connect with the lower eye lashes, keep breathing…stay focused on the breath…with each breath allow the body to sink into the mat..

bring your attention to the hairline…mentally trace with your breath the way your hair rests on your scalp…breathe into each hair follicle…feel the scalp come alive as each breath vibrates and resonates through the scull…relax…relax…relax…

allow the breath to flow on down through the neck…bathing the throat …relax the shoulders and feel the arms, sink into the mat, become aware of the way your right arm lays on the mat, notice the weight, the length and shape of your upper right arm on the mat,

let the right elbow relax and sink into the mat…inhale…exhale…allow the wrist to relax, tune in and be aware of the back of your right hand connecting with the mat and allow the back of the hand to sink a bit more into the mat…

notice the way your right thumb and fingers connect, are they touching or curled up or stretched out…don’t change the place, just observe, be aware…inhale…exhale…

turn your attention to the left arm…notice the weight, texture and shape of the left arm on the mat, let the shoulders relax and breathe life and vitality into the left arm…as you breathe, send energy to the thumbs, the fingers and allow the thumbs and fingers to


feel the upper back sink into the mat, then the middle back and the lower back… breathe softly into the space between the lower back and the floor…observe that space…how does it feel to be present, connected , breathing deep into the back…take another soft breath and observe the buttocks…relax the left buttock…inhale and exhale and relax the right buttock..let both buttocks sink deeper into the mat and breathe…

become aware of the thighs, the right thigh and the left thigh…breathe into the space between the thighs as you release and let go of tightness and holdings on in the thighs…relax…relax…relax…relax your knees…breathe into the back of your knees and feel the warmth and energy from your breath calm and soothe the space,

breathe…exhale…inhale and send the next out breath to the calves…allow your right calf and then the left calf to relax…and sink into the mat…breathe and observe the way the legs rest on the mat…notice the ankles…send the next out breath to the ankles, first the right ankle..and the left..

how does that feel…

Savaana - relax

be aware of your feet, notice how the feet rest on the mat…notice the way the feet rests on the mat…relax your toes…send the next out breath to the soles of your feet and allow the soles of your feet to relax…feel your toes…the big toe…the middle toes and little toes relax, allow your feet to breath and

relax…relax….relax….relax…your mind is clear…body strong and spirit flowing through…relax…relax…inhale…exhale…feel the whole body pulsate..vibrate…with the movement of the breath…be aware of the skin..glowing..feel the joy…the freedom and light from letting go…the inner organs are relaxed…the kidneys, the heart, the gall bladder the liver…are relaxed…feel the blood flowing through carrying the richness of the earth…inhale….exhale…inhale…exhale….

Remain laying on your back for a few more minutes, just observing the state of calm and quiet flowing through. And when you are ready, gently hugs your knees to the chest, roll over to the side and rest awhile on the side for 3 gentle breaths and come up into a comfortable seated position. Namaste

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I’d love to hear from you how you feel after listening to the relaxation script. Share your insights and comments in the comment box below

Hugs and thanks

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About Ntathu Allen

Yoga Teacher, Blogger and mum to three bubbly teens, I aspire to support, educate and encourage busy mums and working women to weave moments of calm into their hectic schedule.

About Ntathu Allen

Yoga Teacher, Blogger and mum to three bubbly teens, I aspire to support, educate and encourage busy mums and working women to weave moments of calm into their hectic schedule.