Words Of Encouragement To Keep You Motivated In Hard Times

Blessings Gentle Reader and welcome to another post designed to inspire and encourage you to reach for gold.

Have you noticed when you are on a roll, you feel alive and energised? You are happy to stretch outside your comfort zone and embrace new technologies and ways of being.

When you are been challenged you know the challenge is showing you what you need to do to step up and achieve your next goal.

Can you remember how you felt when you first made the decision to change, to commit to a new diet, or exercise routine or even to go back to college and retrain in a new profession? Can you recall the trepidation and fear that you may not be good enough, that everyone will laugh at you and say “oh yeah, here you go again”, and quickly remind you of all the other times you said you were going to change and do something different?

Trust And Know All Is Well

You may lack faith, support, courage and patience to see your goals through yet that’s OK, part of the process of change is to have these doubts and still trust you are on the right path and know that all is well.

It Is Easy To Give Up

Life is for living, yet the daily grind of making a living can cause you to veer off course and forget your dreams and aspirations. That’s why it is so important when you wish to change, and add more value to your life you surround yourself with people who believe in you, even if it’s only one person, sometimes that’s all you need to get through your current struggle.

When things look bleak and you are not sure how you are going to reach the next step, remember your vision. One of early teacher’s always ended our sessions with the phrase “keep your eyes on the prize”. Even though I often lost sight of the prize and couldn’t be bothered to carry on, his words would somehow surface and I would think OK…I can do this.

You Are Not Alone

Over here at the TheNextGoal, we each have our own personal goal and reason for entering the weblogbetter challenge. The Team spirit is strong yet at the end of the day we all want to win and are working our butts off and making sacrifices to do so. We want the glory of being #1, to look back and say, yeah I did it. Give me a high 5, fist bumps…

We have a wider vision for Thenextgoal but for now we see our time on the challenge a springboard for greater and mightier unfolding.

What Happens When You Give Up?

It is easy to give up, especially during lean, hard times. I urge you don’t give up.
This sets a puncture in your soul. Over the years this hole gets bigger as your heart yearns to be free and you wonder what if I had….

We are human beings, we are hardwired to evolve and embrace life, to stretch and see what is on the other side. I am not talking about the grass is greener on the other side scenario, more a case of looking beyond the horizon and wondering what is on the other side, stretching beyond your current comfort zone and seeing what opportunities are out there waiting for you.

There is a fine line between knowing when to pause, rest and review as opposed to just giving up.

Learn To Be Still And Listen

Knowing how to be still, to tune in and listen to your inner guidance is a vital part of your journey. All too often it is easy to get distracted, to feel overwhelmed and in the confusion and uncertainty talk yourself out of doing what you know you truly want to do.

Sometimes, you have to bide your time, maybe wait till your children are a bit older, or you have saved enough money to travel, build a new house or start your own business; that doesn’t matter. That is all OK. Use this “waiting time” as a catalyst to look after yourself; to read around your passion and; if possible hang out with people already doing what you aspire to be doing, if you cant do that,then use the time to create a vision board and cut out pictures from local magazines of you living your dream. The idea is to co-create, visualise and allow yourself to breathe life into your dreams.

Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

Rome wasn’t built in a day and this “waiting period” is ideal to nurse and nurture your dreams until you are able to roll –up your sleeves up and take action.

Remember whatever your goals, interests, desires and passions are, we are here to support, share and encourage you to be the best you can. I’d love to hear what dreams and insights you are nursing. Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Call To Action

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Thanks for pausing to read and share…In peace

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About Ntathu Allen

Yoga Teacher, Blogger and mum to three bubbly teens, I aspire to support, educate and encourage busy mums and working women to weave moments of calm into their hectic schedule.

About Ntathu Allen

Yoga Teacher, Blogger and mum to three bubbly teens, I aspire to support, educate and encourage busy mums and working women to weave moments of calm into their hectic schedule.


  1. Another inspiring post Ntathu. So true about Rome not being built in a day. Not to mention the fact that Rome had a lot more people working on the project than I do! 🙂
    Larry Lourcey recently posted..Its Monday, So I Must Need HelpMy Profile

  2. BS ..I like the sound of that! It is skill to learn to trust our inner guidance/bs detector, especially when minds and lives are so full, yet as you say with time and patience it gets easier to tune in and trust. Thanks for your support Sharon and sharing your thoughts. Peace

  3. Learning to listen to that inner voice (some people call it guidance, but I also call it my BS detector) takes time and practice. Once you’ve tuned into it, though, it never lets you down. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ntathu.

  4. i love how this post is related to goal setting and therefore completely relevant!
    inspiring post Ntathu. thank you 😀

  5. thanks Natathu. great thoughts x

  6. Such wise words Ntathu. Thanks so much. I like the point you make about trusting and knowing that all is well. It is probably one of the hardest things for us to trust when around us we see unpleasant happenings like job loss, illness, family disputes and many other worries. How can things really get better is the question that we may ask? The truth is that, when we build our faith over time everything really does turn out ok. We look back and say “yeah, I remember that tough time”. It’s the getting thru the tough times that makes us the champions we are today!! Keep ’em coming Ntathu!
    Donovan Grant recently posted..Creative Children: Could Your Child Have The Solution For The World?My Profile

    • So true Don, the more we go through hard times and come out shining, the easier it becomes to trust and really know all is well. Took me ages to understand that saying..all is well. yet at the end of the day, all is truly well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  7. This is a very inspiring post. It’s easy to give up when the going gets tough. I know that I am sustained by the support by a loving and supportive circle of friends, family and friends I’ve made on the web. Yes, you can be friends and support people you’ve never met in person. Amazing how strong those bonds can become.
    Jeannette Paladino recently posted..Employee Engagement = Improved Financial PerformanceMy Profile

    • As I read your post Jeanette, the words to the song “When the going gets tough, the tough get going…” so true, friends and supportive people make all the difference to how we feel and get through hard times. Makes all the difference. Thanks for sharing your thoughts