The Need for Happiness – Your 7 Day Happiness Plan

Talk Deeply, be happy


When I was growing up, I looked around myself and realized that of everyone I knew, I was the most inquisitive. I always asked questions (stupid, at most times) and wondered how things worked. I had my fair-share of failures, of sadness – still do. On the other hand, my closest cousin just rolls along in life, with a happy-go-lucky attitude and not a care in the world. It is difficult to quantify who has been happiest for longest – me or him.

So I won’t.

Instead, I will defy the most vulnerable of human emotions – happiness, and tell you that our pursuits for happiness are born out of need for it, and not the want itself.

Let me ask you this:

Do you want to be happy? (100% will say yes)

Do you need to be happy? (50% will look at this question and wonder if I am out of my mind. The other 50% will introspect)

This article will contain excerpts from the free book that I have compiled recently. It contains a 7-day action plan to be happy, though let me assure you, there are no guarantees. More on that later.

It is my opinion that most of us have potential far beyond our imagination. The genius that was Einstein said that we use mere 10% of our brain capacity, and he was a genius! We spend most of our lives trying to be happy, wanting to be happy. Whereas it is our needs that ultimately drive us, not wants. If you want something, you can only want it for some time. But if you need something, you will work for it all your life; like in case of food, shelter and clothes – basic human necessities.

All things considered, there are few consistencies in our otherwise dynamic life – we eat, we sleep, we breathe, we make mistakes, we are happy, and we are sad. Most things are periodic in nature, and one action always has an effect on another. Just like we need to sleep and eat, we also need to be happy.

Well, happiness is a necessity too. It drives our life forward, gives us a reason to wake up in the morning, and provides us with a valuable night’s sleep.

What This Book Can Do For You?

I am still divided on whether what I offer to you is a book, a guide or tips. Tell you what, don’t use this book as tips, because its easy to look away from tips – no accountability.

Don’t call it a book either, for that suggests a tome that is more difficult to understand than it is to read.

Instead, lets call this a guide.

This guide is not a 7-day challenge; it is a 7-day journey that aims to add an extra helping of love and zest in your life.

Explained in a succinct fashion, this guide will challenge you, push you out of your comfort zone and force you to introspect into your life. It will leave you happier than when you pick it up.

Is That a Guarantee?

No, sorry, it isn’t. I am not a psychologist, and I cannot guarantee your absolute happiness. However, this guide will show you the right path. The intensity with which you follow it will determine the distance you cover, and the length of curve of your smile.

However, this step-by-step guide is unfortunately not the Holy Grail. There isn’t one, and there never will be. Pursuit of happiness, born singularly out of the need for it, is a journey that you have to take more than once in your life.

So How Much Should I Pay?

Nothing. I just want you to spread the message, for two reasons:

  • This week’s challenge organized by weblogbetter and trafficgenerationcafe involves securing as may page views as possible. So farther your message goes, better are my chances to win this week two.
  • Secondly, and more importantly, I genuinely want people to be happy. I genuinely want them – I want you – to chase your dreams, whatever that may be. In the process, be happy, not just for a few hours or a day, but for as long as possible. So again, the farther this message goes, the better I will feel. Think about it, you might be doing others a favor by sharing.
So pay me with a Tweet or a Facebook Like. This way, you can spread the message for free.

In case you don’t use any social media – just bring up this guide at your next council meeting! Kidding, just leave a comment and let me know.

Also, if anyone thinks that free = rubbish, just contact me. I’d be happy to charge you $9.95, which I think is an optimum value for this guide!

So here is how you get this guide (Click on this link below and tweet/like the post on Facebook. You will be automatically directed towards a link for downloading this Guide) :

Any feedback on this post or the guide will be appreciated. Please leave a comment and I would happily reply.

Be happy!
Thank you!

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About Neeraj Sachdeva

Neeraj is a life-geek, who enjoys talking about Psychology and Freelancing. His freelancing endeavor focuses on kick-starting start-ups and small businesses by using practical and timely experience. In his free time, he helps budding freelancers, and you can read about his journey on The Freelancer Diary.

About Neeraj Sachdeva

Neeraj is a life-geek, who enjoys talking about Psychology and Freelancing. His freelancing endeavor focuses on kick-starting start-ups and small businesses by using practical and timely experience. In his free time, he helps budding freelancers, and you can read about his journey on The Freelancer Diary.


  1. Interesting book..these helps to know the ways to be happy but then happiness comes from within

  2. ah,being happy..for some a struggle,for some an easy thing to do, Me i try to find things to be happy everyday but it is hard at times

  3. Okay… I’m way late to this conversation, but I just have to say that I love this idea of keeping a list of things that make you happy. In those moments when you’re not so happy, it can be hard to remember the happiness or how to get it, but if you have a list, then you can find something that helps to make you feel better. Thanks for sharing!
    Grady Pruitt recently posted..5 Tips for Getting Back on Your Feet after a DivorceMy Profile

  4. Happiness is just like success, it’s how you define it. Happiness is when you’re contented with what you have. For me happiness is seeing my family happy, while others might have other things that can make them happy. I like your post and I like people’s reactions. Learning a lot here. Thanks for this. It’s really great! =)
    Elysse Parsons recently posted..New braces painMy Profile

  5. In my mind, two levels of happiness exist;the momentary happy emotions that arise from external factors- finding extra money, having a great day at work, having fun with friends vs. an overall state of “happy being” that doesn’t depend on my emotions in any given moment. Meaning that my kids may do something that has me temporarily frustrated and angry, but it doesn’t take away from the general joy that I feel as a person. I would love to hear more of what you have to say about it in the book. Great post.
    Aja recently posted..Microwave Challenge: Engage in Some PDAMy Profile

  6. I hear that singing is most satisfying job, that people who earn over $75,000 USD per year are happier than those below, and now that deep conversations lead to greater happiness. Alanis Morrissette must be deliriously happy! 🙂

    Eric Idle’s suggestion to smile and laugh and dance and sing… just purse your lips and whistle is backed up by all cultures. Every human culture smiles, laughs, dances sings, and tells stories. Sean Stephenson’s Dance Party: makes me happy. Or at least it seems to release the endorphins that give me a sense of well-being. Sneezing, running, and other physical activities release endorphins. Are endorphins more powerful than morphine? I don’t know, but watching a little Bob Hope or Abbott and Costello always makes me laugh and feel much better when I’m sick.

    Brian Tracy’s “Full Engagement” mentions that a manager can make his employees happy by using the Golden Rule. Daniel Pink thinks employees are happiest when they have Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose in their work. Captain D. Michael Abrashoff (It’s Your Ship) kept his enlisted crew longer by listening to their ideas in order to solve problems he couldn’t fix on his own. Innovations from his crew have transformed the entire U.S. Navy. Talk about employee satisfaction!
    Roger Abramson recently posted..FREE Business Optimization Course Video Series Day 1My Profile

  7. Our founding fathers, here in the US, were very wise – they recognized the inalienable right of humans to PURSUE happiness – they never guaranteed happiness.

    I think that happiness begins with an attitude of adaptability – not necessarily the whole “embrace change” philosophy, but at least a willingness to consider it or accept it, when it is inevitable. I also think that happiness is largely a choice we make – life is a mixed bag of good and bad; we can focus on the good, or focus on the bad. We can recognize that the balance makes us more appreciative of the good, or we can bemoan the fact that it’s not all good.
    Holly Jahangiri recently posted..Embrace Change? But… I’m Not that Kind of Girl!My Profile

  8. Great post, Neeraj! For many people, happiness is often linked with getting something material or tangible whether it is the latest gadget, a trip to a dream destination, or a partner for life. I’m not saying that these are wrong. But happiness goes way beyond these. I’m really looking forward to reading your ebook. Thanks in advance for such a helpful (and free) resource. 🙂

    PS. Good luck with the competition. I’ve been following it and you guys are doing a great job. Keep it up!
    Adeline recently posted..Christmas, Filipino StyleMy Profile

  9. Hmmm… I completely agree. The main reason why we do the things we do is because in the end, we just want to be happy. Your guide would be a pretty good tool.
    Lanre recently posted..EMPOWER YOUR VISION WITH SKILLMy Profile

  10. I’m a pretty happy guy, but I’m always willing to learn ways to become even happier. You’ve got me intrigued and looking forward to – as the buzzword says – taking a deeper dive!
    John recently posted..A serious jokeMy Profile

  11. great post you really made me think about this…. ‘do you need to be happy’ i don’t think anyone needs to be happy some people are just grumpy inclined but i think happiness is a great healer even if its for a moment in your day 🙂 when we were younger our mum let us write in one of her journals and we had a ‘happy moments book’ where we would reflect in the day one thing that made us happy 🙂 i think that’s great and it makes you look at the positives in life rather than let the negatives get you down.
    thanks 😀

  12. Hey Neeraj,

    Its a great idea. I think a lot of things that make us happy are small. We need not make expensive purchases to make us happy. But sometimes I am happy with that too ( for e.g. when I purchased that android phone) but mostly I am happy with small things :).
    Ashvini recently posted..The internet and social network privacy threat: It is for realMy Profile

  13. I am blessed to be able to engage upon this page. Great join your site really. Yes I need happiness! Thanks for sharing this ebook.
    Kira Permunian recently posted..“Keep It Simple Stupid” Blogging UpdatesMy Profile

  14. Cool post. It looks like you’re giving it away which is great and powerful, but you are actually exchanging it for something of value to you. I like the model.

    • Thank you Mike. Yes, its a win-win for both reader and me. If you don’t use Twitter, just let me know, I can drop you a copy of the book anyway. I have had to send the book manually to some people as they don’t use Twitter.

  15. Another fantastic ebook Neeraj! Simple and right to the point. The clearly-defined action plan really helps set this apart from other goal setting books. Great job!
    Larry Lourcey recently posted..Its Monday, So I Must Need HelpMy Profile

  16. A happiness list is a great idea. I think I’m going to try that and recommend it to my wife who tends to forget things like happiness. It truly is a necessity but how many people truly pursue their happiness or replace it with filling it with stuff.
    Dennis Salvatier recently posted..How John Cusack Helped Me Deal with Design RejectionMy Profile

  17. Well Neeraj, you certainly have embraced this challenge and thrown down the gauntlet.
    I love your idea to spread happiness.

    I’d like to start a debate: recently, someone told me that Einstein’s 10% proclamation has been debunked. What say you?



    • Thank you Mitch! Always appreciate your words.

      Oooh..I was hoping someone would catch on that! When I first researched to check Einstein’s comment, I read a few pieces where his idea was being debated! I think they very well might be on to something. But still, I cannot expect brain usage to be 100%. And heart? Well, heart is the proverbial brain (heart does not really have the capacity to feel – sorry romantics!) and is very powerful, more so than brain (all of us can attest to that!)

      I think some laws are being rewritten as we speak – like the theory of relativity and the Euro 😀 What are your thoughts on the former?
      Neeraj Sachdeva recently posted..Financial Goals and Objectives – Get them in orderMy Profile

      • Neeraj, I think that the theory of relativity, like its predecessors, is a beacon for physicists. They are learning that not all knowledge is contained in a box – instead, some greater knowledge holds all the little boxes.

        Specifically, 10 dimensions 🙂

        Too deep for me, but it’s fun to read about the advances and new theories.

        As for the brain and 100% capacity, I have no idea, but I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility. In fact, it’s more fun to consider the possibilities:

        that there is a slice that communicates with rocks and trees;

        that there is a slice that calculates the probability that you can beat that light;

        that there is a slice that bonds with other human slices in a distributed search for the lost mothership that crash-landed on this godforsaken rock;

        that there is a slice that knows EXACTLY what each snippet of DNA is for – and cries if a snippet is mutated;

        that there is a slice that fools the the other slices into thinking they’re the only slices…

        see? Fun!



        • I think rewriting science is exciting, no matter how stable the environment gets, there still are countless uncertainties.

          As for your theories, they are fun. Its just that if I accept that, it might mean that this is the best I can do. I want to think there is always more I can do and give, ya know?

          What are your thoughts on happiness – intrinsic or extrinsic?
          Neeraj Sachdeva recently posted..Financial Goals and Objectives – Get them in orderMy Profile

          • Happiness is definitely intrinsic. That’s the only way to explain what some people call “outlook”. Two people are walking down the street, discussing the weather. They see a mother with her two kids, who smile as they walk by. Grumpy says, “What are they smiling about? Can’t they see it’s raining?” Happy says, “Yeah, but did you see that big box of chocolate in the mother’s bag?”

            We make the most or the least of everything around us – to me, that internal barometer can push the facial muscles one way or the other 😉



          • Mitch, love your response! Thank you very much. The example was very surreal! (If you chance to read the book, do tell me what you think!)

            Neeraj Sachdeva recently posted..Should You Rent an Office Space?My Profile

      • The theory of relativity was best explained in the movie Deep Blue Sea. “Put you hands on a hot pan, and a second can seem like an hour. Put your hands on a hot woman, and an hour can seem like a second. It’s all relative.”

        As for only using 10% of our brains….. I dont know if the figure is that acurate, but we certainly dont use all of it. Heck, I know a few people that are in desperate need of the full use of the 10% 😉
        Jay Whale recently posted..I just had sex – The Lonely Island ft. AkonMy Profile

  18. Hey Neeraj,

    I have not had a chance to read your guide yet, so you may have already covered this topic, but environment will also have a huge part to play in happiness. I’ve done work in some of the worst places you can imagine and I’ve come back depressed and unhappy. In other cases I’ve come back from trips with a new outlook on life and unstoppable energy.

    I suppose if you are stuck in a dead end job doing something you hate, there is no doubt you are going to be depressed and unhappy. Move yourself in a nice environment with good working conditions and a relaxed atmosphere (even at a fraction of the salary) and you would be a lot happier in general. However, as drogaria has said, happiness is subjective.
    Jay Whale recently posted..I just had sex – The Lonely Island ft. AkonMy Profile

  19. The reasons for happiness are subjective. Some people need new cars to be happy, the other a hug from a friend.