Do You Have Goals on your Bucket List?

What’s going to be written in your eulogy?

Rich or poor, we all end up at the destination called Eulogy.  And what will people be reading in the newspapers at your destination?

Now’s the only time that you can change those reports that describe your life – will you?

Maybe you cannot see HOW you could ever move from where you are – and yet it’s possible. It’s possible because you’re where you are right now primarily because of your own choices.

Unless you’re straight out of school, and haven’t started to make your own decisions yet – but that probably doesn’t apply to you.

But, it wasn’t my fault; my actions; it was . . .

Your lack of Goals?  Or your lack of follow-through?

Either, or both.  It was indeed.  Maybe in life you got hamburger instead of steak. That’s unfortunate, but really; so what?  You just have to live with life’s reversals and move on.  I lost my primary caregiver while still a child.  That’s hugely damaging, or an opportunity to grow, depending on your point of view.

 “Ten percent of life is made up of what happens to you. Ninety percent of life is decided by how you react.”  – Stephen Covey . . .

Maybe you haven’t any control over external events; but you can control your reaction and actions.

Your biggest enemy is probably the demon in your mind that tells you your efforts will be in vain, with the result that you give up before you really begin.

“I can’t; I’m not good enough . . .”

What you do with voices like that is to ignore ‘em; focus instead on what you can do – and you can do plenty.

However . . you won’t get your next goal until you decide daily to make a fresh commitment to it.  There’s more about Goal Getting here.

DECIDE to win.

Your subconscious will create the victory for you.

“I have my dream, I think.  But how do I get it?”

What makes some successful and others not is one hell of a mystery to most people.  Clarity helps; the sun’s easier to see when there are no clouds in the way.  And because there are no magic wands, buttons or shiny objects involved in attaining altitude in whatever field you desire . . . you don’t need luck, just strategy and work.

You have to have substance to your strategy.

It’s like legendary fairy-tale soup.

I’m sure you’ve heard the story of the traveller who bargained his way to a bed for the night because he agreed to make his ‘famous’ stone soup for his host’s hungry household.

That man was no chef – he was a salesman.  His magic stone was no sooner in the pot of plain boiling water than he began to explain how his soup would be much improved with a little barley, meat stock, and so on . . .

Before long, the ’empty-pantry’ remnants had been found and stirred in.  Of course, as stories go, their soup was wonderful – but only because meat, grain and vegetables were added to the water – and the useless stone was taken from the mixture before it was served.

There’s no soup without substance.

Of course, you knew already that this is true with goal achieving: There’s only YOU.  No-one else (or any of their ‘magic stones’) will do it for you.  You should be smart with Goal-setting too, when you get to that bit.

And in case you worry about failure, or . . .

“What if it doesn’t work?”

Successful people come in all sizes, colors, from all cultures and countries. There’s more differences than not. Whoever you are, you’re not precluded from achieving equal or greater goals than those that are already on achiever lists.

Since “Think and Grow Rich”, there’s been an avalanche of texts and opinion on how to focus and find your fortune.

How many ‘self-help’ books will it take to convince you?

The one who’ll change that eulogy is you.

Will your next goal be one to which you’ll commit?

As we all get different things from the words and writers we read, I can’t tell what will happen. I don’t know what ‘goal achievement’ looks like to you. But everything starts with a single step, even an Everest attempt.

But one of my goals is to write well enough that you’re inspired to find a road to the place that so many will only fantasize about – the lifestyle of your dreams.

Yet, while I can help, I can’t put the prescription in a bottle and force it down. There is no prescription that can take you without ‘passing Go’ direct from ‘fraid to fearless.

If you haven’t got the will to take the steps you need to take, or if maybe you’re too afraid to rise above the group, you’ll find it’s a road you cannot walk.

There’s no magic. It’s up to You.

The WeBlogBetter challenge is about guts, grazed knees, hard graft – and eventually, goal achievement.  Will you support Anthony’s climb?  Please join the Altitude Achievers here.


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  1. I have a HUGE bucket list, over 200 items. It seems to keep me focused and forces m to step out of the box and try something new just about every day 🙂
    Annette recently posted..The Girls First Mammogram. Male Readers, My Apologies.My Profile

  2. Hi Ant
    I have a bucket load of things to do before I depart this planet and will continue to tick them off my list. Regrets? The loss of my Father was a huge blow to me and I still regret his passing.
    The way I have lived my life? Not really. Decisions I have made/ Maybe.
    Dee recently posted..Are you suffering from information overload?My Profile

  3. Back in the Bad Ol’ Daze when I really was “between a rock and a hard place,” I used to think,
    “If I can only get out of here alive….”

    Today while living about as free as a raven on the prowl, I still think about “getting out of here
    alive” only now I’m referring to leaving this life having LIVED it to the very last nano-second…
    and I like to flirt with the idea that just as I’m fading into the “great unknown” the notion of
    changing my mind flits past just beyond my reach, and I think…

    “Oh, well….”

  4. Hi Ant

    I certainly do have a bucket list of 100 things to do and I am working my way through it. But as I love travel you can imagine what about 50% is – places to see and experience. That is why I do what I do because now the internet is going to start paying for my travel. No I want to say I have no regrets.

    To YOUR success

    Sue McDonald recently posted..Are You Using SEO?My Profile

  5. Kevin;

    Now THAT’S a good one for the list! And winning following the decision to do so is on there also.
    Anthony Smits recently posted..Be careful what you follow . . .My Profile

  6. My bucket list is extensive but deciding to win is definitely one of them!
    Kevin recently posted..RSS Syndication – How it can Help your Small BusinessMy Profile

    • Hi, Kevin! Thanks for visiting TheNextGoal and I’m glad you’re enjoying our blog!

      What’s the alternative to “deciding to win”? 🙂 Giving up? Deciding to lose? Then again, sometimes, we decide to change course – that, in itself, may be a win. I think it’s interesting that only we can define for ourselves what “winning” and “success” really mean. It’s true that others will eulogize us and interpret our lives in light of their own definitions, but my goal is to die without serious regrets or sorrow over things left undone.