Differences Matter: Out Yourself and Celebrate

Why do we fail to delight in our differences?

The mystery of success? It’s that cloud of bewilderment that hangs over many of us at some time in life – be honest: Haven’t you asked yourself a question like . . .

“How come I can’t find success when so many others seem to get it so easily?

or . . .

“How do I get a better job; how do I get ahead; where do I find out how to be successful; what’s the secret to it all anyway?

The Mystery for most of us is . . .  why do some succeed and most do not; why do the likes of Branson, Gates and Buffett make it when we think we’re just as smart?  We’re certainly not lazy.

Well, maybe some are – but I’m not, you’ll declare.

In Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, the story of Success several interesting theories get some daylight.  One is that the time or year of one’s birth has a huge effect on one’s eventual success.  Gladwell makes a good point, with many examples showing how being born at ‘just the right time’ led to success.

And you should read the book.  It’s an astonishing angle on life’s strange twists.  It’s on my list of favorites, no doubt about it.

But what about Me, you ask.  I could ask the same.  We can’t choose when to be born.  That part’s all over.  So what’s to be done?  Clearly people DO succeed, despite . . .  And most of it is up to how we react to what happens, not the happenings themselves.

What’s really important to you?

Knowing your own reasons for doing what you do is the most important part of Goal Setting and Achieving. You need to identify your motives, as they are the fuel that will keep you going through the hard bits.

If you gloss over this bit, or dismiss it as unimportant, you’re probably not going to get the answers you seek.

Who are you really? Do you know?  Why do you want what you think you do?  Think and write your thoughts.  Holly describes the process here.

What would be the consequences if you don’t get that or do those things? How would you feel if you don’t achieve?

The concept of consequences is important to reflect on both the advantages of an action, and the likely disadvantages. Often we don’t do this reflection, with, ahhh . . . consequences.

Having trouble? You have to identify the Who that is the real You. It’s no secret any more that we have conscious and subconscious minds – though writers and researchers have used many different names.

The real you dwells somewhere in your subconscious and must be coaxed into the light.

Black Sheep are the Best Sheep.

This identity you keep hidden in your subconscious can be somewhat reticent to show itself, but you need to encourage it.  At work you want your creativity to stand out – pay and promotion depend on it.  In business you want to be seen as offering something unique – market share and profit margins demand it.

For those things to happen, you yourself must be out; a black sheep seen to be one, and celebrated for it.

The ‘real you’ in your subconscious has aspirations, and those are the ones you want to identify and chase.

In a very real sense, any goals you might have already scribbled down are meaningless until you’ve finished finding YOU.

“To be amazing, you need to be brave. You must do the thing you think you cannot do. Whether you succeed or fail is immaterial. You know how people always say that it’s the thought that counts? Well, it’s true.

“Amazing is an attitude, not a set of accomplishments. But the cool part? If you keep up with the attitudes, eventually you’ll get some of the accomplishments too.” Johnny B Truant

You may know yourself well already; that is good.  But most do not. When you know who YOU are, you’ll be a long way towards knowing Why you want the things you do, as well.

You’ll take names and kick ass and generally be a thorn in the arm of those who want normality, because when you really know YOU, you’re unstoppable.

So . . . have you achieved the altitude you’re aiming for – or are you still wondering why you can’t?

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  1. The important thing is to do what you like. You don´t need to be someone like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs to be happy professionally. Great article

  2. Thought provocating concepts about the underlying reasons for success. The more i grow and understand life the more I realise and appreciate the value of focus. Whatever we do or however we define success focusing on a few positive efficient tasks and doing them gladlyvwith love compassion and trust; eventually leads to you achieving your goal. Thoughtfulvpiece Antony and. appreciate your view on life. Sorry about grammar am on phone and these touch screen keyboards are so sentitive and requirevnimble pointy thumbs. Keep pressing v for space bar.

  3. Anthony, I must say that I THINK I’ve reached my altitude but, since I’m not cruising, I could be wrong. 🙂

    I’ve not looked at success in concrete terms. I simply want to be the best at the two our three things I really love doing. (I’m a holdover from the fallacious “Do what you love and the money will follow.”) Consequently, when I have conversations on the subject, I seem to be the one staring out of the window, wishing I were somewhere else.



    • If you can afford to do what you love, whether or not the money follows, that could be viewed as “success.”

      • Now, see, “afford” – that’s a whole ‘nother conversation.

        I am just happy as I can be that I can (emphasis on can!) do what I love. In this world, so many people feel that they HAVE to do something in order to survive. The stress alone is enough to kill you!



    • I’m one of those who subscribe to the ‘do what you love’ theory. And I get to do what I choose, a lot of the time. I’m also one of those who holds the view that staring out the window is work, too – if you’re a writer. Nice views out the windows in northern Vermont, too.
      anthonysmits recently posted..How to find out your passionMy Profile