5 Quick Stress Relieving Tips To Do When Life Sucks

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Having a bad day

When the blues get you down and trouble seems to be your middle name what can you do to perk yourself up? I know there are some miserable people in the world who only seem to be happy when things go wrong, but generally most of us like to be happier and cheerful.
Here are 5 simply things you can do to release stress and cheer yourself up.

Five Stress-Relieving Tips To Do When You Feel Blue

Stress Relieving Tip#1 – Read an Inspirational Book

Reading transports you to realms of possibilities and unlimited hope. I am currently reading Turning Point edited by Kate Cobb. It’s an awesome book. Turning Point contains 25 inspiring stories from everyday women who are now successful entrepreneurs. I find it fascinating to read their stories and to see how they overcome their challenges. Finding out how other women succeed and build their business is always a source of inspiration for me.

Stress Relieving Tip#2 – Breathe

All time favourite and easiest thing to do when you feel stressed is to breathe. Deep breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system. This allows the rest and digest response to filter through your body-as opposed to the fight and flight stress response that tends to run the show.

There is a saying in yoga that we come into this world with an allocated number of breaths and; it’s not the number of years lived that determines the length of your life, but the number of breaths taken. Given that piece of insight it makes sense to focus on breathing correctly to maximise your life span.

Stress Relieving Tip#3 – Watch a DVD

When life gets to me, watching a DVD with my girls always reminds me of the value of simple pleasures. Our family favourites are August Rush, Happy Feet and my all time favourites The Lion King and The Princess and the Frog. What’s your favourite movie to watch when you feel low?

Stress Relieving Tip#4- Listen To Your Favourite Song

Go onto YouTube and pick a song. My favourite Pick-Me-Up-Happy-Making-Song is Hold On by Sounds of Blackness. After my cousin and brother died this song became my anthem and the words helped me to hold on and lift my head up. I would turn up the volume and sing out loudly and if the girls were in the room we would end up having a crazy half hour dancing session – check out this song on the video

Stress Relieving Tip#5 Eat High-Energy Foods

When you feel down, rather than snack on a packet of crisps or doughnuts treat yourself to a packet of almonds or sunflower seeds. I know it isn’t the same as a sticky bun but your body loves to receive the goodness inherent in almonds and seeds.

Almonds and sunflower seeds are a great source of B vitamins, and contain iron, potassium and magnesium which help support adrenal function.

I like to soak a handful of almonds in water overnight and in the morning drain out the water and carry the almonds in a little container ready for me to snack when I feel the munchies coming on.

Action: In times of woe and stress, it is easy to fall into unhealthy habits, which deplete and drain your energy reserves.

Next time you feel blue, pick one of the above stress relieving tips and see how you feel afterwards. Even if your happy mood doesn’t last long, you are sending a sign out to the universe that you wish to feel happier and in time know you will regain your positive outlook on life.

Let me know how you get on afterwards; share your thoughts in the comment box below. And if you like the posts kindly share the love or link it back to your website.

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Stay well

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  1. What I like most on the advices that you gave is to eat up a lot of high energy foods to sustain your energy and the whole time of dwelling your stress. It’s nicer to think if your stomach is full and you get to have a lot of energy loads.
    Letty recently posted..stress hair lossMy Profile

  2. Hi

    – all good tips there, thanks for sharing. My own personal favourite is to crank up some music on my iPod (Deep Purple usually do the trick for me). I have been known to do a little dance from time to time.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t access your video. It said it wasn’t available in my country (UK). I am somewhat intrigued now, so I might try to find it on YouTube.
    Hamish recently posted..Kindle 4 – Is It Amazon’s Ace In The Hole?My Profile

  3. Hello
    How about cloud watching. It Works really well on stressed people. It might take some extra time and it is not possible to do it on a rainy day, but in case the weather is fine, it is worth to try.
    Best Regards
    Ursula from Good Relaxation
    Ursula recently posted..Quick stress relief tipsMy Profile

  4. I read Hannibal while eating decadent, dark chocolate. Afterwards, my breath quickened while I watched Jaws devour hapless tourists as they swam in futile panic towards the beach. Then I thought, “Well, I feel lots better, but I think I ought to read some blog posts,” so I fired up Grooveshark and listened to “The Sun is Burning,” by Simon and Garfunkel ( I feel AMAZING. 🙂

    (And of course I’m just teasing you. These are great tips, Ntathu, seriously. 🙂 You forgot “Talk to a friend across the pond, over coffee.” That was one of my personal faves, this morning!
    Holly Jahangiri recently posted..Good Goals Gone BadMy Profile

    • I had phone a friend in my original version which made 6 tips and asI couldnt think of seven I left it out!! But or text a friend is always good way to unload and feel better. You have such a wacky sense of humor…always makes me smile..which is another there I have my seven!