Yoga For Healthy Living-Three Simple Yoga Tips To Kick-Start Your Day

Are you in love with life?  Do you wake up like a baby,excited, inspired and bursting with energy, looking forward to another productive and creative day?

Waking Up Happy

Or, do you wake up exhausted, anxious and worried whether you will have the energy and stamina to crawl through another Ground Hog Day?

If you are worn out and don’t have the time or energy to care what direction your life is leading then this post will show you how three simple yoga tips can help boost your energy and re-ignite your sparkle. Once you regained your mojo, it becomes easier for you to look at your life and see what you need to do to feel more creative and alert.

Why Yoga?

When you feel energised, alive and empowered, your confidence and creativity soars; it becomes easier for you to find the time and space to listen to your inner wisdom and discover the answers you need to stand up and make changes to your life. Yoga, with its emphasis on healthy living offers practical skills and techniques which strengthens your body, calms and focuses your mind and rejuvenates and nurtures your core.

From personal experience, it took the sudden deaths of my dear cousin, Sherry, in 1995 and my brother, John in 1997  to restart  yoga and rebuild my life.

What challenges are you going through which might be dragging you down and stop you making a positive start to your day?

Sidenote: Learning to recognise stress and anxiety in your life helps you feel more in control and more able to deal with challenges.

 Yoga Tip #1: Yoga-in-Bed Sequence

Known as ‘asanas’, yoga poses/exercises help to release tension and pain in your body. A simple yoga sequence added to your early morning routine helps you to wake up feeling energised and refreshed.

Here is a simple yoga routine you can practice in bed when you wake up to ease you into your day

As you wake up, lay on your back in bed. Gently stretch your body awake. Then close your eyes. Tuck your chin into your chest, which lengthens the back of your neck. Make sure you feel comfortable. Keep your legs straight out on the bed and gently point and flex your toes back and forth 5-7 times.

  • Hug both knees to your chest. Curl your body up into a small ball. Rock gently from side to side 5-7 time each side. Lower your head to the bed, still holding your knees to your chest, take 3-5 deep breaths in and out through your nose. Gently lower your feet back to the bed and slowly straighten your legs on the bed.
  • Still laying on your back, take a deep breath in through your nose and as you breathe out slowly turn your head to look towards your left shoulder. Inhale, and turn your head to the center, exhale and turn your head to look towards your right shoulder. Repeat 3-5 times each side.


Although simple, this basic routine will help to awaken you gently and ease you from your bed and into your day.

 Yoga Tip #2: Yoga Breathing Exercises

Known as pranayama, yoga breathing exercises help to replenish, revitalise and reenergise your system. Breathing correctly allows you to draw in oxygen into your body and eliminate toxins and bacteria that impede your body’s ability to function correctly. The slower and deeper you breathe, the calmer and clearer your mind becomes which makes it easier for you to feel in control and on top of events in your life.

A Simple Yoga Breathing Practice To Wake Up And Feel Alert, Calm And Peaceful

If you have ever woken up and feel drained, depressed and despondent, try this simple yoga breathing exercise. You will feel better, energised and in a calmer frame of mind. Essential qualities,  to spur you into action.

  • Lay on your back in your bed, with your eyes closed. Straighten your legs out on your bed, about 12-18 inches apart. Make sure you feel comfortable.
  • Rest the palm of your right hand firmly, yet gently on top of your navel and your left hand just below your collar bone. Make sure your elbows rest on the bed.
  • Focus on your right hand and take a slow deep breath in through   your nose and consciously send this breath from your lower right hand up to your left hand. Feel your hands raise as you breathe in and lower as you exhale. Repeat this round 3-5 times.
  • Slowly release your hands, gently stretch your body and marvel at how calm and centered you feel.

Yoga Tip #3: Meditation Techniques

When you meditate you help your mind to release negative thoughts and create space in your mind for new ideas to flourish. Meditation actively brings about a sense of inner peace, harmony and clarity, qualities essential to help you achieve your goals, yet so hard to realise when your mind is cluttered and chaotic.

Practice this simple breath meditation to clear your mind and promote a sense of inner peace and stillness


  • Sitting up, take a few breaths in and out through your nose to help settle and prepare yourself to meditate.  Gradually, breathe in slowly and count “one”. Slowly breathe out and count “two”. Breathe in and count “three”, breathe out and count “four”…Continue counting your breaths up to number ten. When you reach number ten, go back to number one and repeat the practice for 5-20 minutes. If your mind wanders during the practice and you lose concentration, just return your attention to your breathe and beginning counting from number one.

How Do You Feel?

Action: Wake up 10 minutes earlier over the next 7 days. Pick one of the above three yoga tips (the yoga in bed sequence, the breathing tip or meditation practice) and do it each day for the next seven days. These practices are easy to do and can be done in bed before you actually get-up and out of bed.

Have a go and let me know how you feel after doing the practices. Write your comments in the box below and if you want more tips and suggestions to wake up feeling positive and healthy  let me know.

Imagine courtesy of TarikB

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About Ntathu Allen

Yoga Teacher, Blogger and mum to three bubbly teens, I aspire to support, educate and encourage busy mums and working women to weave moments of calm into their hectic schedule.

About Ntathu Allen

Yoga Teacher, Blogger and mum to three bubbly teens, I aspire to support, educate and encourage busy mums and working women to weave moments of calm into their hectic schedule.


  1. I love this! I’m going to start tomorrow. My doctor told me last week how good meditation would be for my blood pressure.


    • Thats lovely Karen,yes meditation is an excellent self care tip and will help you relax and focus your awareness on being healthy and well. Let me know how you get on. Take your time and be gentle as you go. Peaceful blessings

  2. Once you make yoga a habit, which is easier to do when try the suggestions that have been offered because they don’t take a lot of time commitment, it really creates a positive impact on your life – it becomes a part of your life. On the occasions I allow my self to get too busy and skip my morning asanas for a few days- I really feel disoriented and know something is missing. I don’t beat myself for the lapse though, I just restart my routine and regain my balance immediately.

    • Hello Poppy, you have a good attitude re your practice-esp on days when you miss your practice. I used to beat myself up when I skipped my practice but like you I have learnt to go with the flow and just rebalance as soon as I can. Keep up your practice. Thanks for your comments.

  3. I’ve tried yoga on and off for many years and decided that I would really commit to a practice 6 months ago when I moved to Hawaii. I now go to a yoga class two times a week and practice on my own several other times during the week even if it’s only 10 minutes at a time.

    The number of ways it has changed my life is amazing. From an achilles injury I had been harboring for almost 10 years to freeing my mind of concern about things I had no control over, it has been a wonderful thing. I believe it’s a practice every one would benefit from and the need for flexibility to do it is not the issue. You become flexible when you practice it in your mind.

    Aloha Wags!
    Jt Clough recently posted..Dream Smashers | The People You KnowMy Profile

    • Yoga in Hawaii…now that is BLISS!! Yoga is amazing it does change you – inside out and all over. The best thing when you feel the change for yourself. That’s a good point you raised about being flexible in the mind. I teach yoga to children (all ages) and its a lovely way for them to get to know their body. Take careand thx for sharing your vibes.

  4. Love the Yoga in Bed – Definitely going to use this! Great post.
    Art Epicurean recently posted..Even Art Epicureans need comfort from time to time. How do you find comfort?My Profile

  5. I love that you can do some of these exercises in bed!! Brilliant! Thanks for sharing Ntathu.

  6. Oh Ntathu reading your blog makes me Wanna jump out of bed and do yoga even though I have never done a yoga session in my life. keep up the good work 🙂

    Muhebo xx

    • Bless You Muhebo and thanks for popping over. Never done yoga before. We’ll have to put on a taster session for the workers. I will have a word with Michael and see what we can do. Jump start your day..excellent way to begin.

  7. I tried Yoga a couple years ago. I can only effectively use my upper body and Yoga seems to require some flexibility and lots of involvement with the legs.

    I wish I could do it…


  8. Yoga is beautiful. I always feel calm, envigorated and taller after yoga under your guidance, Ntathu. Thank you so much for this gift.