39 Actions to Take Today for a Winning Attitude

Winning Attitude

Get a Winning Attitude

We’ve all had those days where we seem to have just woken up on the wrong side of the bed.  Maybe you can’t explain it or maybe you know exactly what’s causing it, but bad moods can affect every aspect of our lives and the lives of those around us.  Use these quick tips to turn that bad attitude into a winning one in no time at all!

Take a Deep Breath and Count to 10 – Nothing helps better than a few moments of calm and tranquility.  When you feel things spiraling out of control, take a step back, breathe deep and count to 10 – or 100.

Smile – Smiles are a miraculous anomaly.  The instant you smile, you attitude changes.  When we’re upset we resist smiling.  It makes us feel uncomfortable or vulnerable.  Don’t fight it – it won’t kill you.

Find Something to be Thankful For – Simply being thankful can turn your attitude around.  Aggressively us gratitude to fight a bad attitude!

Think of How Much Worse Off You Could Be – No matter what you’re facing, it could always be worse.  When you sleep in and arrive late for work, just imagine how late you’d be if you didn’t have any legs.  Yep, a lot later.  Now your day doesn’t seem so bad does it?

Call a Friend Just to Chat – Friends are amazing things.  They make us forget about ourselves.  Why don’t you give a good friend a call?  A nice chat will do wonders.

Help Someone – Probably the most effective item on this list.  Doing service is the single best way to stop sulking and soaking in one’s own problems.

Indulge in a Guilty Pleasure – Stop by your favorite gourmet ice cream parlor.  Grab some chocolate.  Buy a new pair of earrings.  There’s a reason why their called ‘pleasures’.  Just don’t go overboard or you’ll learn why they call them ‘guilty!’

Go for a Run – Exercise releases endorphins, your brain’s natural reward system.  Go pound your problems out on the pavement.  You’re guaranteed to feel better when you’re done.

Count Your Blessings – Go through your life and think about the things that ARE going well.  Did your car start this morning?  Did the sun rise?  I bet your list will get very long, very quickly.

Do Something Inspiring – Do you get inspired seeing people accomplish certain things?  Why don’t you join them?  Sign up to volunteer at your local youth club.  Become a mentor.  Inspire others and you’ll feel much better about yourself.

Do Something Crazy – Maybe you need to jump off the deep end every now and then.  Pick something you’ve always been scared to do and conquer it!

Take a Nap – Sometimes all we need is a little rest and the world starts to seem like a better place.  Don’t neglect your sleep!

Cheer – I’m always amazed at how invigorating a good yell can be.  Lock yourself in your room, hop in the car or climb a mountain – then yell until your lungs hurt.

Do a Self-Assessment – Go through your life and make two lists.  Things you’re great at and things you’re not so great at.  You may find some hidden strengths that give you a new outlook on life.

Do Something You’re Good At – Every now and then we need to boost our self-esteem.  Pick something you know you’re good at and show off a little bit!  Deliver some of those homemade cookies you know someone will love.  Finish that task a coworker is struggling with.  They will be in awe of your sheer awesomeness.

Make Something – Inside each of us is an innate desire to create.  Whether it be art, literature, business or fart jokes, let loose and make something!

Reprioritize – Your bad attitude may be due to time wasted on worthless pursuits.  If something is sucking you dry and you can’t see it ever giving you the fulfillment you deserve – ditch it!

Plan Your Next Attack – Get back on that horse each time you fall!  If you didn’t quite succeed as you’d hoped, plan your next move without skipping a beat.  Your new strategy will energize and enliven you.

Find a New Perspective – A loss in one direction may mean a gain in another.  Find a different way to look at your circumstances.  You may see that you’ve developed a skill you never could have otherwise.  Think of your shortcomings as opportunities.

Get Some Perspective – Along with finding a new perspective, you should get some perspective!  What’s the difference you ask?  Chances are what’s dragging you down isn’t as big a deal as your emotions are telling you.  Take a step back and see if a bigger picture perspective changes your outlook.  You may realize it’s not worth wasting another day worrying about it in the long run.

Own Your Mistakes – Every so often we flat out fail because we suck.  There’s no way to sugar coat it and you won’t get anywhere trying.  Own your mistakes, acknowledge your weaknesses and plan to overcome them immediately!

Give Yourself Credit – Other times we deserve much more credit than we normally give ourselves for the good times in our lives.  Think of things that are going right and realize there’s no other explanation than the fact that you’re freaking awesome.

Decide to Make a Change – When life gets us down, only we have the power to cheer ourselves up.  Decide immediately to make a change.  Ditch the bad habits, shake the gloomy mood and make your life what you want it to be.

Demand Control of Your Emotions – In order to make a change in your life, you have to take control of your emotions.  But your emotions don’t want to be controlled.  Demand that they obey you and bend to your very will.  Don’t be driven out of control.

Count the Lessons Learned – In every failure there is a lesson to be learned.  Try extracting as many lessons as possible.  Write them down.  Maybe start a book with these lessons to give to your posterity.  You’ll be a much better person for it.

Watch Something Inspiring – Sometimes to shake a bad mood, all we need is to watch something inspiring.  Maybe you can rent Rudy or The Pursuit of Happyness.   Sometimes simply looking at motivational posters or scenic paintings can do the trick.

Get involved in a Good Book – Something magical happens when you get involved in a good book.  The characters become your friends.  Their experiences become your experiences.  I know one thing, following Frodo to Mordor is often just the cure I need.

Turn off the News – The news is depressing.  Stop listening to it.  Instead, read up on something that interests you.  Find home decorating tips or cooking lessons.  Try something new.

Learn Something New – Starting a new hobby can be just the trick to take our minds off of a bad day.  With the help of the internet, rarely is there something you can’t try immediately in the comfort of your own home.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others – When we do, we usually compare our worst qualities to their best, so it’s hardly fair anyway.  You don’t know the truth about their lives.  What looks easy to them could have been bought with blood, sweat and tears.  You never know, so stop judging yourself by their successes.

Turn the Music Up – Way up!  Your hearing can recover later.  Sometimes only the power of a great song can get your emotions back on track.  Whether it’s your copy of Footloose, Limp Bizkit or the Wiggles, turn it up!

Dance Alone – Along with that music, grab a hairbrush microphone and dance your heart out where nobody can see you.  Get as crazy as you can.  You’ll wear yourself out and feel great at the same time.

Think About how Silly you Must Look – If you could put a face to your emotions, can you imagine how silly you probably look?  Maybe you already have put a face to your emotions.  Get out that mirror and turn that frown upside down.

Stop Fighting in your Head – How many times do people make us angry and we spend the next few hours going over what we wish we could have said in our heads?  There couldn’t be a bigger waste of time.  Not only is it ineffective, but it only hurts yourself.

Break Larger Tasks into Smaller Ones – When you find yourself overwhelmed by the tasks in front of you, divide them up into smaller milestones and celebrate every mini-victory!

Turn it into a Party – If breaking tasks into smaller chunks doesn’t help, turn the entire event into a party!  Combine two or three items from this list.  Turn the music up, start dancing and get some work done!

Clean Up – You may find that a disorganized workspace or untidy home is the source of your negative emotions.  Clean up a bit.  Vacuum, sweep, do the dishes and throw in an air freshener.  Open the curtains, make the bed and pick up that pile of clothes.  It won’t take more than a few minutes and you’ll feel great afterwards.

Watch Funny Videos – I can’t tell you how effective a few quick YouTube videos can be to brighten my day.  Give it a try!  You can also dust off that old Steve Martin movie you haven’t seen in a while.

Plan a New Adventure – If none of the above seem to work, it might be that you just need to get away!  But you don’t have to go far.  Hop on the computer and start planning your next adventure.  You’ll get excited by the possibilities and maybe even set some new goals for yourself.


What about you?  Can you think of any ways to change your attitude that I didn’t mention?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.  And if you found this list useful, go ahead and share it with your friends!


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About Brandon Freund

Brandon enjoys helping businesses build and effective online presence at his home base Big Dogs Internet Marketing. He is an avid lover of self-improvement - mostly because he knows he has so much work to do! When not writing here, you can find him writing for the Big Dogs blog.

About Brandon Freund

Brandon enjoys helping businesses build and effective online presence at his home base Big Dogs Internet Marketing. He is an avid lover of self-improvement - mostly because he knows he has so much work to do! When not writing here, you can find him writing for the Big Dogs blog.


  1. For me I do yoga and meditation to start my day. Through this I feel more relax and peaceful. Thanks for this useful list of winning attitude. All the Best!
    Robert Benwell recently posted..Robert Benwell updated Tue Jul 19 2011 11:12 am CDTMy Profile

  2. What an awesome post. I do several of these things just because. My guilty pleasures are coffee and chocolate (and yes, sometimes at the same time). I’ve been known to dance alone…a lot. I’m a firm believer in owning your mistakes and I’m always counting my blessings and finding things to be thankful for.

    I think if more people out there would take this advice to heart, we’d have a much better world to live in. Awesome Job!!!!!
    Christine Senter recently posted..My Paranormal IdeaMy Profile

  3. #32 … Billy Idol starts playing in my head … flashback to my teenage days “dancing with myself” … makes me Smile … feeling good … thanks! 🙂
    Todd Morris recently posted..Home Business DividendsMy Profile

  4. Karen, that is an excellent idea! Really is (credit to Brandon for compiling this list). But something like this could provide great boost when one is bored or tired. Love it!
    Neeraj Sachdeva recently posted..Should You Rent an Office Space?My Profile

  5. Here’s something new to do: print this out, cut each idea into it’s own little piece of paper, fold them all, and put them in a cup. When you need a boost, draw one out and do it!