Seven Signs You Are Stressed

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Did you know that in 2009/10, in the UK an estimated 9.8 million working days were lost through work-related stress. Every person experiencing work related stress was off work for an estimated 22.6 days which equates to 0.42 days per worker. – HSE

Like most busy women, I am sure you take your daily round of domestic chores, looking after your family and working in your stride. You may be tired and weary but just get on with it. No matter how you feel or what is going on, somehow or the other you find the energy and carry on.

In today’s blog I would like to share with you a bit about my experience of work related stress and offer you seven signs that you need to rest and relax.

Do You Know The Toll Your Overworked Life Is Taking On You?

In your pursuit for happiness, good health, closer family ties and a thriving business do you realise you run the risk of developing stress-related illness? Constant overworking affects your physical, emotional and spiritual health and if left unchecked leads to depression, anxiety/panic attacks, alcoholism and even drug dependency.

What Is Stress?

Simply put, stress is when you:

**React negatively to perceived unpleasant things in your life.

People tend to use the word “stress” to describe how they feel when they struggle to cope with all the demands placed upon them.
Learning to let-go and manage pressure empowers you to relax and have a more pleasurable and productive day, which makes it easier for you to stick to your goals.

My Experience of Work-Related Stress

Does this sound like you? In my previous job as a Probation Officer for a busy Inner London Borough, my colleagues and I would often work more than our contracted hours, go without lunch breaks, come in early to catch-up or get a “head start” on the day and even take work home and work late in the evenings –all in a mad effort to try to keep on top of our work. It was a crazy schedule and there were many days when we would turn up at work when ill or children unwell, for fear of falling further behind in our work. It was a demanding way of working yet we just moaned and got on with it.

Here are seven tell-tell signs that you may be overdoing it and stressed.

Remember stress is so complex there is no single test that will diagnosis you are “stressed”, so it is essential if you experience any of the seven signs to seek proper medical advice in case there is an underlying reason causing you distress

1.    Poor Physical Health

In yoga we are taught health is wealth. When your body is under attack from stress, you experience a range of physical reactions, such as joint pains, aching limbs, backache, you may have trouble sleeping and suffer headaches and migraines.

2.    No Free-Time

Many women are guilty of this. In times of stress, you run yourself ragged and fail to take proper care of yourself. Me-Time or as my mentor Frederique Murphy calls it, Free-Time, slips of the agenda as you try to squeeze more into your everyday life. You may experience bouts of anxiety, moodiness, irritability, have trouble focusing and concentrating for periods of time.

3.    Low Energy

Constant rushing and lack of rest affects your vitality and energy levels. You probably feel overwhelmed by the demands placed and you and don’t like to ask for support and reassurance for fear of appearing weak.

4.    Family Life Is Suffering

I remember when my girls where little, I always tried to keep meal times sacred and eat meals as a family uninterrupted by work. But some days, I would catch myself on the phone talking “shop” with a work colleague or mentally thinking about what supervision plans for my clients instead of being present with my children and enjoying our meal. When you are time pressed it is easy to neglect spending fun quality time with your children, partner and friends.

5.    Clutter

A sure sign of a demanding life and cluttered, cramped mind is your workspace and home environment. Have a look now around your immediate desk space, are your files neatly stacked, documents, folders organised, to-do lists up to date? Physical clutter prevents a positive free flow of energy, which cramps and dampens your spirits.

6.    Lack Of Vision And Focus

When life becomes over-busy, your mind is swamped and it becomes harder for you to focus and concentrate. You lose sight of your personal dreams and business goals as everyday living concerns take up all your time and energy.


7.    Unhappy and Unfulfilled


When stressed you may feel empty, undervalued and unappreciated. You may sense life is out of alignment yet it is easier to ignore this feeling and just bury your head deeper into work and caring for your family.

If you can recognise yourself in any of these scenarios, then you are setting yourself up to become another “stress statistic.” In future blogs I will offer you simple yoga and relaxation techniques to help you overcome stress and learn how to relax and breathe better through life.

What do you think about the above seven signs of stress? Are there any more you would like to add? Write your comments in the box below.  Thank You and Have a Blessed Day.

Image-with thanks to J.lee43

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About Ntathu Allen

Yoga Teacher, Blogger and mum to three bubbly teens, I aspire to support, educate and encourage busy mums and working women to weave moments of calm into their hectic schedule.

About Ntathu Allen

Yoga Teacher, Blogger and mum to three bubbly teens, I aspire to support, educate and encourage busy mums and working women to weave moments of calm into their hectic schedule.


  1. Years ago, when I worked at a bank, I used to get a headache every day. One day, my boss didn’t come in until 10:30. When I heard his voice, a shooting pain went through my head. I suddenly realized that I didn’t have a headache that morning, that he was the headache.


  2. Sometimes I don’t realize I’m stressed. It’s good to be able to pick out the signs and know what’s bothering me. Then I know it’s time for a change!

  3. Christine Lee says:

    Ugh, looks like I’m stressed more than I thought I was 🙂 Great things to point out though, thanks!

    • Oh dear…hope that doesnt stress you out!…We are so used to ignoring what is going on inside our bodies and working against out natural rhythms that we lose all sight of whether we are balanced or not. Take it easy

  4. music and peppermint-tea-with-honey is my nerve calmer during the day… plenty of signs I should declutter my office and my life. But when to do it?

    • LOL! I hear that Scott re making time to declutter office and life. Small steps at a time. The thing with clutter it looks worse than it is. When I go through my papers or tackle the cupboard under the stairs, yes there is clutter but once I start it is such an rewarding space to see. Sometimes I will put my phone timer on for 10 minutes and just blitz paper work, file books away and do a general tidy up. It does make a difference. As to declutter your life, I am sure on the nextgoal there will be tips and suggestions on that. Peppermint tea with honey-sounds good to me. I am into fennel herbal tea these days, an acquired taste but very cleansing. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I certainly have stress in my life but I try to keep it bay by starting each morning – before I do anything else, with my own personal 20 minute yoga routine. I am usually up by 6 am, still dark here in Irving Texas, which is perfect for my routine. I go into my living room and set up my yoga mat and plug in my iPhone – setting my music app to my yoga playlist of 5 songs (Om Suite 1 – 4 from Steven Halpern’s Tonal Alchemy, and the 5th song Perfect Sleep Solutions). I then slowly go through about 10 yoga positions that allow me to stretch my body and relax into each position so I feel the release of pent up energy, anxiety or stiffness. As I complete my routine the sun is usually just coming up. My routine takes from a quiet darkness to an inspiring and energizing sunrise.

    I have made this morning ritual that I do everyday, even when I travel. Just 20 minutes of time for me, allowing me to get centered each day before taking on the tasks that await my attention.

    • Polly,that sounds bliss.You have found your spark and ray of light to keep stress in check. Thats so good. Like you I have a daily (well not every day) yoga/meditation programme. And on mornings when I skip practice I really notice the difference and have to make sure I take mini yoga/stretch breaks during my day. And thanks for introducing me to Steven Halpern. I hadnt heard of him,so went to youtube and as I type am listening to his music.A new sound to me, so I am listening with my inner ear. Take care and enjoy your practice. Do you have a mini night time practice as well?

  6. … interesting, I am possibly stressed… Thanks for the heads up! now I can try and un-stress 🙂

  7. For me it’s usually a bad mood and/or short temper.

    • I forgot that one. I get ratty when my girls will tell you! Thanks for sharing your signs. The trick is to prevent ourselves getting ratty and short tempered in the first place. Or, awareness and than using some sort of stress relief technique to regain our calm. For me thats where the yoga and breathing comes in handy.

  8. Playing inane games or commenting meaningless blogs (not necessarily this one)…
    You must be exhausted!!

    Cheers John

    CEO #EAv Venture Capital Index



    • Yes, please don’t cast aspersions on the Frog! But you do have a point that “vegging out” on inane games and bla-bla-blogs is a sure sign of stress and exhaustion. I think maybe it’s how some of us wind down. Sometimes, it just works better than crashing into sleep, or trying to sit still long enough to read a book. And it somehow seems less mindless than the passive entertainment of TV, though that’s debatable, sometimes!

      Tell you what’s got us exhausted – writing all this fresh, new, original content for Week2! But we’re having fun doing it. It’s even MORE fun when people read and comment. Thanks, John.