How To Meditate-4 Simple Meditation Techniques To Discover Inner Peace

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Bless You Gentle Reader, Thanks for passing by and Welcome To The Calmest Space On-Line

Early Morning Meditation

How often have you longed for peace and quiet? Time alone, from friends, family and the kids – just to sit quietly and gather your thoughts?

Like you, I try to relax, remain calm and strive to take life easy. But life is so fast and hurried that there are days when I feel like a headless chicken and run around all day caught up in the drama and stories of life.

So, in today’s post, I would like to share with you four simple meditation techniques which I regularly use that calm your body and quieten your mind.

Sometimes, I get stressed, ratty and snappy at my girls; skip meals and eat-on-the-run as I play catch-up with life. I know what it is like to crave silence and inner peace. I know how challenging it is to make time to relax, unwind and just Be.

It isn’t funny; and you would of thought with all my yoga practices and meditation skills I should know better! But hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day and parts of my joy in being human, is to get carried away and wrapped up in the drama and then breathe, rest and shine like the radiant pink lotus.

Why Meditate?

Finding time to develop meaningful relationships and have fun with your family can seem like a luxury, especially if you spend a large portion of your day at work.

If you can identify with my mad crazy and sometimes manic way of living and you also long for peace, silence and quiet then I am sure you will find meditation a useful skill to learn.

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is the process whereby you are able to focus and still and quieten your mind, so you feel less overwhelmed and stressed and more able to stay positive and forward thinking. As your mind becomes clearer and less cluttered, you experience a deep sense of silence and inner calm. And in that silence is peace.

Can Anyone Practice Meditation?

Yes, I believe everyone has the potential to meditate. However, not everyone has the patience or inclination to meditate. Meditation isn’t easy. The mind has been likening to chattering monkey. It takes time, love and energy to make the time to relax the body and calm and still the mind.

Meditation Technique #1 Observe Your Breath

Find a quiet space where you can sit undisturbed for 5-20 minutes. Sit in a comfortable position, either on the floor in suitable cross-legged position or on a chair. Make sure your spine is straight and if sitting on a chair rest your feet on the floor, legs uncrossed. Rest your hands in your lap, close your eyes and turn your attention to your breath. Spend a few moments listening to your every -day breath and then slowly, with grace allow your breath to soften and deepen as you simply focus on breathing in and breathing out, breath in and breathe out. If your mind wanders away from observing your breath, simple return your awareness to you breath, and continue with this process for 5-20 minutes. Then slowly open your eyes,keep a soft gaze as you reengage with your day.

Meditation Technique #2 Count Your Breath

Sit comfortably. Become aware of your breath. Breathe in slowly and count “one”. Slowly breathe out and count “two”. Breathe in and count “three”, breathe out and count “four”…. Continue counting your in and out breath up to number 10. When you reach number 10, go back to number one and repeat the practice for 5 – 20 minutes. If you mind wanders during the practice and you lose concentration, just return your attention to the breath and begin counting from number one.

Meditation Techniqe #3 The Sound Of Silence

Sit comfortably straight spine and gently close your eyes.
Focus on listening to the sounds around you.
Listen to all the sounds in the room, then extend your awareness to listening to the sounds outside the room.
Choose one sound and listen intently to that one sound, consciously blocking out the other sounds.
Keep listening to this sound for 1 – 3 minutes.

Meditation Technique #4 Candle Meditation/Tratak Meditation

Sit on the floor or on a chair with a lighted candle in front of you. Gaze at the flame through half-closed eyes. Then close your eyes and visualise the warm glow from the candle behind your eyelids. Stay focused on this image. If you lose the image, gently open your eyes and gaze at the flame. Then close your eyes and repeat. Continue with this practice for 5 – 10 minutes. You can also practice tratak meditation outside in nature by focusing on a natural object, the moon or a bright star at night. With practice you will quite easily be able to visualise your chosen object when you close your eyes.

When your meditations are completed, sit quietly for 2 minutes before engaging with your day.

What Next?

Regular Pratice of meditation helps you to remain calm and learn how to clear the mind. Once in this state it is easier for you to discover what your passions are and to maintain the energy and excitement to complete your goals.


1.Set aside 10 -20 minutes over the next 3 days, either first thing in the morning when you wake or anytime during your day when you feel frazzled and your thoughts are scattered.

2.Read through the above meditations. Select one of the 4 meditation techniques and practice it for the next three days. Use either the same technique each time you practice or select a different one each time.

3.Let me know what’s your favourite meditation technique and what difference it makes to how you feel.

Write your thoughts in the comment box below.

Thank You. Stay blessed and live well.

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Image-with thanks to HaPe_Gera

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About Ntathu Allen

Yoga Teacher, Blogger and mum to three bubbly teens, I aspire to support, educate and encourage busy mums and working women to weave moments of calm into their hectic schedule.

About Ntathu Allen

Yoga Teacher, Blogger and mum to three bubbly teens, I aspire to support, educate and encourage busy mums and working women to weave moments of calm into their hectic schedule.


  1. I usually do the version of breath counting where you just count to one. Yeah..interesting connection to whipping out credit card.
    Fern Bray recently posted..Cancer Tattoos TumblrMy Profile

  2. Meditation is excellent for anyone. The best I have found is Christian meditation. Easy for those who are open to big things/

  3. Lovely exercises Ntathu…

    I’m supposed to be in the Himalayas in a three week silent meditation retreat right now. But I forgot to get a visa. (D’oh)

    Darn… too much meditation makes me forget the boring things.

    Just kidding (not about the visa though, unfortunately). Can’t recommend meditation enough to those who are drawn to it.

    Love the practices you’ve shared here – I think that ‘dispelling common meditation myths’ is a valuable task – anyone can do it, you dont’ have to have a serene and peaceful mind… But you do have to make the effort to do a little practice regularly.

    Won’t answer your question here Ntathu, it would take too long. But perhaps we’ll have a chat sometime…
    Jym recently posted..How to be More Productive by Harnessing Your ‘Ultradian Rhythms’My Profile

    • Three week silent meditation retreat in the Himalayas…now that sounds bliss. How are you getting on. I have done a few days of silence and the sense of clarity and calm is unbelievable (if its silence, are you “allowed” to engage on blog) Are you in a cave or ashram? yes, looking forward to connecting further. Thx for taking the time to share your experience.

  4. I’m waiting on a hip-surgery Ntathu, meditation helps me relax in an elongated position before sleep rather than curling up in a fetal ball and fighting it. Drugs are a last resort and fortunately I’m able to get by without them and that crappy fuzzy feeling:)

    Work will always be work, I need to leave it alone sometimes and meditation allows me to triage what is important to me. Sometimes it’s family and sometimes it’s all about the paycheck.

    Opportune meditation is like whipping out the credit card during Christmas, it’s easy to do and satisfying. Fifteen minutes of mental clarity is rewarding and there’s never a payback:)

  5. I have to count breathes from 1 to 4 then backwards to 1, if I count beyond 4 I start thinking of algebraic sets of numbers and feel an urgency to go back to work. I know I’m relaxed when the counting fades and I can ignore immediate sounds and pick out that part of my random day dream that is pleasing to me without forcing it. I’m “under” when I can visualize a muscle and imagine it into no longer hurting. Fifteen or twenty minutes of meditation is like a two hour power nap for me without the hang-over of waking up.

    I liked Cheryl’s description; one, one, one…That’s so binary it makes sense!

    I enjoyed this Ntathu:)

    • Bless you Dave..sounds good what you practice. Have you tried sitting with the urgency feeling of going back to work? Remember,everything is only temporary and that feeling will eventually pass into silence as well. Are you in a lot of muscular pain? Thanks for feedback and take special care.

  6. Yes, I count higher than that when I knit, but if I have to go any higher than four, it requires too much attention to be meditative.
    Cheryl recently posted..When is a biscuit not a biscuit?My Profile

  7. I usually do the version of breath counting where you just count to one. One, one, one. Or I might use a word, or two words. Anything more than that, and I run the risk of thinking too much about not screwing up the count.
    Cheryl recently posted..When is a biscuit not a biscuit?My Profile

    • Wait – don’t you knit? I mean, I can totally see ME saying this (I can’t count, seriously) but… ? 🙂 Good morning, Cheryl!

    • Thats excellent Cheryl. The point is to still the mind by concentrating on a mantra, so counting one one one and keeping that as your focus is excellent technique. Thanks for sharing

  8. A Peaceful Mind Is A Healthy Mind! In today’s fast forwarding technological warfare world, we’ve have forgotten to give ourselves much time to look inside but meditation is the key source to reduce the stress & tension which is the doorway to all diseases. I’ve experienced a very peaceful process of meditation with the rain drops sound & the smell of rain which helped the mind to flourish & flow like a calm river. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.
    Erika recently posted..Online Degrees in Public HealthMy Profile

    • Thanks Erika, yes,that is so true. We live in a very fast forward technological age and it is so easy to rely on technology and neglect our inner human potential.Rain drops meditation sounds very peaceful. Thanks for sharing. Stay well and be blessed

  9. Thanks Louis..a fellow yogi..yes after practice is an ideal time to flow into meditation. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your day. Peace

  10. I’ve done all these before. I normally use something akin to the 1st “Observe Your Breath,” because I normally meditate during or at the end of a Hatha yoga practice.

    • One of the women I’ve worked with is a yoga practitioner – teacher, too, I think – and she is just one of the most serene and unflappable people I know. Her job is intense and she’s got so much energy it’s unbelievable, but she projects and radiates calm that literally flows into anyone in a 5′ radius.

  11. Great article! I love the tips that you posted here. I’m going to start tomorrow. Thanks for sharing! Ginny 🙂
    Ginny Toll recently posted..10 Ways on How to Clean GreenMy Profile

    • Thanks Ginny..well done for starting. Let me know how you get on. Good luck and thanks for comments

    • I have been meditating for years and am looking at yours.

      I will be glad to exchange information, either by email or the phone

      • Bless you Wesley..thats very kind of you –were you referring to exchange info with myself or Ginny or both of us. You can contact me/send me an email via the Contact Us tab at the top of this page. Glad you meditate. What’s your experience of it all? Keep well

  12. Rob boirun says:

    I would have loved to be a part of this site. I can say that now that I am out of the game. 🙂