7 Ways to Jump Start Your Morning

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Seven Little Ideas to Get Your Personal Motor Running

  1. Jumpstart your morning

    Jumpstart your morning

    Wake up 45 minutes earlier than usual, and take ten minutes to simply savor your morning coffee or tea. Even if you’re not in the habit of drinking caffeinated beverages first thing in the morning, try a cup of antioxidant-rich, decaffeinated green tea. Drink it on your porch, in your pajamas.

  2. Stretch slowly for 5-10 minutes. Breathe deeply and mindfully while you stretch, and watch the sun rise. If the weather’s temperate, do this outdoors. Sink your bare toes in the dewy grass. Experience the morning through all of your senses – focusing on each, in turn: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. If you journal or do “morning pages,” write about the things you notice when you are deliberately paying attention. Stay present in the moment – don’t jump ahead to your 8:00 AM meeting.
  3. Get at least 15-20 minutes of moderate exercise – a brisk walk, some isometric exercises, a ride on the stationary bike, a few sets with free weights. Work up a good sweat. Focus on how your muscles feel when they’re working. Are your muscles protesting, or urging you to work them harder?
  4. Shower with energizing aromatherapy. What I’ve found with various scents is that my reaction, specifically, is all that matters – the experts may suggest certain scents and combinations, but there are some that just appeal to me more than others. To wake up, try sharp, citrusy grapefruit, lemon, or satsuma; fresh and refreshing cool cucumber and sweet melon; woodsy rosemary or cedar and mint; or, mint and eucalyptus. Experiment and go with what feels best to you.
  5. Remind yourself that “Today is going to be terrific, and I am ready to tackle any challenge the world can throw at me.” Visualize yourself succeeding; picture what that would mean, in your mind. Positive affirmations set the tone for the day ahead.
  6. Eat a nutritious, low-carb breakfast. I like to have a fruit smoothie and a fried egg.
  7. As you drive to work, or jostle with other commuters on the morning train or bus, and are tempted to mutter curses at the guy who cuts you off or takes the seat you wanted or the woman who gabs unsefconsciously and incessantly on her cell phone, remember that some time today – or tomorrow – you are likely to be someone else’s muttered, “A__hole!” We all make mistakes. For five mornings in a row, make a sincere effort to smile and offer encouragement to everyone you encounter – even, or maybe especially, the clueless, obstructive, and inconvenient ones.

Breakfast Idea


Blend well in blender:

  • 1/3 c. Kellogg’s All-Bran Buds cereal, ground in blender or food processor to a fine powder
  • 1 c. unsweetened, unflavored almond milk
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 4-6 oz. frozen berries

Fried Egg on Asiago Cheese Bread


  • 1 slice Asiago cheese bread, toasted
  • 1 egg
  • 1 T. olive oil
  • 1/4 tsp. thyme
  • coarsely ground sea salt and peppercorns, to taste


  1. Fry egg (over easy or over medium, suggested) in olive oil.
  2. Add thyme, salt, and pepper.
  3. When cooked, drain off excess oil (if needed) and slide egg onto toast.
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About Holly Jahangiri

Holly Jahangiri lives in Texas and claims to channel the spirits of Edgar Allan Poe, O. Henry and Erma Bombeck. She has known since fifth grade that she wanted to be a professional writer. Holly is a technical communicator whose imagination is allowed free rein in her short stories, children's books, and poetry. You can visit her personal blog, "It's All a Matter of Perspective," at

About Holly Jahangiri

Holly Jahangiri lives in Texas and claims to channel the spirits of Edgar Allan Poe, O. Henry and Erma Bombeck. She has known since fifth grade that she wanted to be a professional writer. Holly is a technical communicator whose imagination is allowed free rein in her short stories, children's books, and poetry. You can visit her personal blog, "It's All a Matter of Perspective," at


  1. Lovely post, Holly, and I swear I could almost smell the lovely scent of grapefruit body wash as I moved down the page. 🙂

    And I just figured out what my problem is with trying to establish morning rituals …

    I rarely get to bed until around 4 AM — so I keep sleeping through the sunrise, smoothie, and fried egg portion of the day. LOL
    Melanie Kissell recently posted..25 Content Creation Ideas for Your Membership Site Plus 85 Places to Find More IdeasMy Profile

  2. I hate All-Bran. Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, the breakfast smoothie looks pretty good.


  3. ive started eating breakfast and walking to school from the train station and it does actually help me concentrate in the morning 🙂 waking up in time though is still in practice 😛

    • Well, one step at a time, Jamee, so long as it’s in the right direction! Fortunately, my cell phone allows me to load a wonderful alarm clock app that wakes me to my favorite tunes (or a recorded message) and will gradually, gently get louder the longer I ignore it. I can even set it to make me do math problems before I’m allowed to turn it off. Just the thought of that provides all the impetus I need to wake up on cue; I’ve not had to subject myself to that kind of torture yet!
      Holly Jahangiri recently posted..An Engraved Invitation to the Writers of Creative Copy ChallengeMy Profile

  4. Hi Holly! What a great way to jump-start a morning. =) I love your ideas and your breakfast recipes. Though, one thing I’ve noticed is that once you’ve got your personal motor running, don’t let it stop; you gotta keep it running. =)

    Gloson recently posted..How I Got 3000 Visitors from a Single Tweet by a Power UserMy Profile

    • Now WHY didn’t I write a post about how to avoid the 3 o’clock energy SLUMP? Brilliant, Gloson!! Wait… maybe it’s because I am in a rut of 3 o’clock energy slumps, lately – have you got any tips for ME?

  5. If anything this article showed me I have the same boring routine every day and life is too short not to appreciate it. Green Tea in my PJ’s sounded really nice. I’ve been planning to do some morning exercises but for some reason I’m always way to tired. During the evening it sounds like a great idea but come the morning not so good haha!
    bbrian017 recently posted..The Blog Engage Weekly Top User for October 21st 2011 is…My Profile

    • Small steps, Brian – small steps. Appreciation, savoring your green tea in your PJs – a good start. I meant to follow through on the exercise, but will confess that I have not, yet, this week. (I always feel so much better when I do, though – I’ve done all of these things, and it adds up to just about the perfect morning, IF I can get my behind in gear.) Funny thing, this week – I’ve just not been able to tear myself away from this blog! LOL
      Holly Jahangiri recently posted..An Engraved Invitation to the Writers of Creative Copy ChallengeMy Profile

  6. I particularly like #s 1 and 5. And the recipe. When NaNoWriMo starts, I always get up extra early and punch out some words before the day starts. It really is energizing!
    Marian Allen recently posted..The #contest For #ebooks ContinuesMy Profile

  7. I think “just a smile and ‘good morning'” are a wonderful way to start the day – for you and your recipient neighbors. We don’t smile at each other nearly enough, or even acknowledge others’ presence.

    When I was in France, back in 2004, I figured something out – intimidated people don’t smile. I made it a game to see how many people I could get to smile back at me. There was one group of people who always smiled back, no matter what: the folks carrying machine guns. I think it takes practice and a certain amount of self-confidence to greet strangers with an open, sincere smile. We can generally manage a thin, polite one – maybe. But try really smiling at the next random person you meet – and mean it. Does it feel kind of awkward? I remember, back when I was a kid, it was the most natural thing in the world. What has happened to us?
    Holly Jahangiri recently posted..Smile: It Won’t Kill YouMy Profile

  8. Love your idea of moderate exercise. I throw a leash on the dog and take him for a walk just as the sun is coming up. It’s great way to appreciate the beauty of the world around you while getting your exercise. The bonus is that the dog gets his exercise too. We meet lots of neighbors out for their daily stroll and while I wish some would remember to pick up after their dogs, most are responsible. It’s amazing how much good can be achieved with just a smile and “good morning”.

  9. Love your suggestions – now if I could just motivate Larry to get me a porch!

    • Or build you one himself – isn’t that just something guys live to do? 🙂 (I know, strikes terror in my heart, too.) My husband keeps saying he wants to build a deck out back. So far, I’ve got a rock garden and a park bench – but I think I like that as much as I would an actual “deck.”

  10. I also enjoy waking up early. The weather in Florida finally turned and it has been 70 in the mornings and not like a rain forest at all. I take my dog out back in the yard, enjoy the dewey scent and the birds anticipating the sunrise while he checks the entire perimeter for intruders before doing his business. Allowing the coffee to brew without sneaking a cup, and enjoying the rush of the scent when we get back on the lanai is simple but amazing.

    We’re huge fans of eggs on toast also.

    • Sounds heavenly, Dave. The weather has finally – even if briefly – turned cooler, here. Still no rain to speak of. But mornings are pleasant, the coffee is excellent, and the stationary bike beckons.

  11. The best thing about camping is lying in bed at dawn and listening to the world wake up. I wish I had that luxury every day.

    I like you suggestion about finding scents that suit you. I wouldn’t think of it as a “morning” thing, but the orange and ginger stuff they have at Bath and Body Works really fires me up.
    Cheryl recently posted..Do-overMy Profile

    • I haven’t checked out their new scents since last Christmas – I’ll have to go give ’em a smell. I used to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Satsuma body wash at The Body Shop. Fresh grapefruit scent really wakes me up, though.

      About the camping… I agree (well, that and lying under the stars, far from town, on a cool night, reassuring myself that the stars have NOT, in fact, gone extinct or something). Listening to one crazy rooster who thinks 3 AM is dawn leaves a bit to be desired, though.

  12. love your cooking recipes! Secret cook uh. Joking aside, there is something very special in waking early and spending the first 20-60 minutes experiencing silence and nature. Thanks for sharing for thoughts.