What is The Next Goal?

That is the $1000 question, isn’t it? The answer depends on you.

Welcome to The Next Goal, your one-stop, high-energy, self-improvement blog. Our mission is to inspire, encourage, support, and entertain you–and ultimately, to help you define your Next Goal and leapfrog life’s obstacles to achieve it.

Meanwhile, you’ll be helping us to achieve one of ours.

Meet the Team

The Next Goal contributors are a team unlike any other in the blogosphere. Assembled in the fall of 2011 to compete in the We Blog Better Surviving The Blog Contest, this international team of writers is competing in the first-ever “Survivor”-style blogging contest – winner take all.

Known as Team2, for short, they are more properly referred to as Team TOO Great to Lose, or Team TOO Terrific to Fail.

What Can You Expect from The Next Goal?

We plan to share our knowledge and experience with you, creating high quality, educational, sometimes controversial, occasionally witty content.

We will write every post with love, positive energy, and care. That, or they’ll be written at three o’clock in the morning on Jolt Cola, manic energy, and desperation – but always with the intent to help you turn your dreams into reality.

Some of us take inspiration from the popular TV show, Glee. One of us is Will Schuester – another, more like Sue Sylvester. The other three are rolling their eyes.

In all seriousness, it is our hope and goal to encourage you

  • to re-awaken your joy and passion for life
  • to reach your fullest potential and achieve your dreams
  • to consider your influence and the example you set for those who look up to you
  • to explore the legacy you wish to leave behind

We Can’t Do It FOR You

But we have faith that you can do it. And we’re here to do it with you. To help – to encourage, to listen, to share, and to publicly reach for our own lofty “next goals” so you know that we’re serious about this little game of leapfrog, and winning it together. Do we have the magic formula? Nope. Have we reached every goal we’ve ever set out to achieve? Are you kidding me?

But together, we can. And we will. Together, we will:

  • Explore and discover healthier lifestyle choices to boost energy and vitality;
  • Boost confidence and improve self esteem as we step outside our comfort zones;
  • Learn to effectively set and keep goals so that we are more productive with our precious time and energy;
  • Overcome our fears and self-limiting beliefs to find the courage to achieve The Next Goal;
  • Get excited!
  • Embrace the future, whilst staying mindful of the present, to make the most of our life experiences;
  • Think more creatively, plan more effectively;
  • Enjoy and celebrate each success – the small and quiet as well as the large and noteworthy.

The Next Goal team looks forward to being part of Your Next Goal.